2021 K2 Reckoner 112

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lengths: 177, 184, 191 cm
radius: 22.9 m at 184 cm
sidecut: 136/112/127 mm
price: $ 699.95

New for 2021, the K2 Reckoner 112 is a soft-snow skiers dream come true. These wide, playful skis have the best possible torsional and longitudinal flex built in, and it's all thanks to K2's carbon spectral braid technology. By enabling the designers to alter the tightness of the carbon weave throughout the ski, they are able to fine-tune and adjust the flex of the ski specific to the terrain and conditions that the ski is built for. In the Reckoner 112, starting with the wood core, the skis get that braiding with a fiberglass laminate. In the forebody and right behind the binding, the braiding is tightest, with it tapering to a looser shape in the tips and tails. This gives the ski a softer flex and a more playful and floatier personality in the softer snow and powder. While we'd certainly put it in the twin tip category, we'd also hesitate to call it a park ski. That turned-up tail has more to do with playfulness and maneuverability versus switch takeoffs and landings. It has more to do with wheelies, ollies, and butters in the fresh as opposed to having a true park persona. With moderate and appropriate taper for a ski this wide, we're looking at a super-fun and playful ski that has little to no limit in off-piste situations and scenarios.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Fir/Aspen Double Barrel
Spectral Braid
Carbon Boost
Powder, Big Mountain, All Mountain

Jeff Neagle got to ski the 112 this year, and this ski is right up his alley. He skied the 184 and loved the size. Scoring the ski 5's out of 5 for playfulness and flotation, Jeff found a lot of fun on the 112. "The Reckoner 112 is a whole lot of fun to ski. Tons of float and overall, just a super fun feel. I like this new construction and concept in the Reckoners. The overall flex pattern is pretty soft, especially in the tips and tails, but it has good torsional stiffness underfoot. Even though this is 112 underfoot, it'll carve turns and leave trenches when you want it to.

The highlight, however, is how it pops, ollies, butters, smears, and plays. The rocker profile and a little bit of early taper gives it a super maneuverable feel. The softer flexing tips and tails basically allow you to do whatever you want as they never feel catchy or like they're fighting you. It definitely has a freestyle-inspired feel and would be an ideal choice as a backcountry freestyle ski for skiers who like to take their tricks to natural terrain. That's reflected in the fact that the mount point is pretty centered compared to a lot of skis in this width range. That said, you don't have to be a freestyle guy to enjoy them, and I actually think they're more well-rounded than the Marksman/Catamaran they're replacing. Those skis felt even more freestyle-specific and definitely more soft snow oriented in their shape."

Overall, these new Reckoner skis are a ton of fun. The 112 sits right in the middle of the line and occupies a good deal of skier types at the same time. If you're looking for a wide ski for eastern powder playfulness or a western one ski quiver on the wide side, the Reckoner 112 will answer the call.