2021 Line Blend

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lengths: 171, 178, 185 cm
radius: 20 m
sidecut: 133/100/122 mm

Freestyle enthusiasts rejoice! The 2021 Line Blend gets some upgrades this year so fans of the previous wide park ski will love this year's as well. At 100 mm underfoot, you're looking to get some good float in softer snow with the ski still being narrow enough to be quick and maneuverable for trick time. The tip has become more blunted because Will Wesson is a huge fan of nose blocks. Not only does this give the skier a more stable stance, but it also reduces swing weight. If you're a fan of spinning fast, this reduction in material in the tips and tails creates a smoother spin because of the lack of rotational forces (not sure if it's centrifugal or centripetal).

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Maple Macroblock
Park, All Mountain

At any rate, the skis spin fast, so freestyle skiers who are looking for that "Blend" of park and freeride will love the new upgrades. Long tip and tail rocker come standard on this thing, so for a 100 mm underfooted ski, you're getting some awesome float. They're not the lightest freestyle skis out there, coming in at 1940 grams per ski, but you get stability with that weight thanks to the Maple Macroblock core. This ski falls right in line with what Line sets out to do-it's a fun ski with a burlier-than-average build and a supremely versatile shape.

Jeff Neagle was a huge fan of the re-designed Blend. He skied the 178 and found it to be the right size for him. High scores abound for Jeff! He gave the Blend scores of 5 out of 5 for playfulness, forgiveness, versatility, and overall impression. All the rest of his scores were 4's. This high average of scores shows a very well-rounded ski with a high-performance ceiling. Additionally, this shows the scope of skiers that could have a good time on the Blend. From intermediates looking for that mid-fat freeride ski to upper-end park skiers looking for a soft-snow option, the Blend sure covers a lot of ground. Jeff states that the Blend is "My kind of ski for sure. Not surprising I like it because I spent a lot of time on skis like this. I like the changes to shape for 2021. You get slightly longer effective edge which translates to better edge grip when you're ripping round the mountain, but you still get really nice flex in the tips and tails for butters, presses, etc. I mean heck, one of my college buddies who crashed on my couch in Mammoth for 3 months when we were 19 puts his seal of approval on it and has a lot to do with its development... so is it really that surprising that I like it? Will Wesson is known for his precision skiing and insane rail tricks, but he also enjoys cruising the rest of the mountain, skiing powder, and just skiing in general, and that's a good way to think about the Blend. It's called that for a reason, it blends park performance with all-mountain capabilities, and it's super-fun to ski. For a playful and/or park skier, if you're going to just have one ski in your quiver, it's pretty darn challenging to do better than the Blend." Sounds to me like the Blend is not only great for that park and trick skier, but also for that freeride skier looking to add depth to the quiver in the playfulness department.

This upgraded Blend will make a lot of skiers look a little closer at the 100 mm underfoot twin-tip segment. There's a fair amount of competition and for skiers who are looking to have fun on the mountain in a variety of conditions or terrain, the Blend sure covers a lot of bases.

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