2021 Line Pandora 110

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lengths: 162, 170, 178 cm
radius: 16.5 m
sidecut: 144/110/130 mm

Yay! New skis! The Line Pandora 110 is a new model for 2021, and the cool thing is that the men's Sick Day line doesn't have it yet! A win for the ladies! Line calls it the best women's powder ski on Earth, and who are we to disagree? The 110 has the shape, construction, and profile to make it a big-time contender in the powder ski department, and freeride enthusiasts all over the world will appreciate the friendly nature of these wide and fun sticks.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Partly Cloudy
Carbon, Aramid, Fiberglass
Powder, Big Mountain

With a more dramatic tip and tail rocker profile and less camber underfoot, these skis have the profile of a serious floater. When that 110 mm waist is added to the equation, the combination of shape and profile really make these things fly through the fluff. Built with their Partly Cloudy core, the skis feature a blend of paulownia and maple to create an incredibly strong yet light foundation for the ski. In addition, the THC construction features aramid, carbon, and fiberglass to reduce vibrations and keep you on the straight and narrow. For a lighter-weight and wider ski, having that damping property is a huge deal, and one that you will not regret when the conditions get choppy. Ideally, you'll be floating effortlessly through the pow, but that type of snow doesn't usually last all day (especially not here in VT). With a slightly longer turn radius than the other Pandora skis, the 110's, coming in at 16.5-meters will certainly want to turn, but it's no slalom ski by any means. Overall, it'll adhere pretty well to what turn shape you want it to make, due to the flexibility and playful nature of the ski. We weren't able to get our staff testers on the Pandora 110 this year, but are lucky and fortunate to have one of the collaborators and designers of the ski, Hadley Hammer, offer her impressions and opinions of how the ski turned out.

Hadley skis the 178 and gets maximum surface area because of it. She gave the ski all 5's and is pretty up front about why. "To be fully transparent, I was a part of the development of this ski so while it may seem obvious that I give it 5-stars all around, I think it actually speaks to how hard we worked on making this ski great. The Pandora series was always missing a wider and longer option, and now it feels like the collection is complete. Like the other members of the family the ski has that magic mix of playfulness and stability." We're certainly not going to hold it against you, Hadley, and we love the insight!

It seems and sounds like this new Pandora 110 is rounding out the line quite nicely. While some skiers value the width and shape, others will love the lightness and the damping of the build. For soft snow enthusiasts, it certainly doesn't have to be one or the other, with the Pandora 110, you're going to get it all and skiing through fresh powder has never been so fun.

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