2021 Nordica Enforcer 110 Free

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lengths: 169, 177, 185, 191 cm
radius: 16.5 m at 177 cm
sidecut: 140/110/129 mm at 177 cm
price: $ 799.99

On the wider side of the Enforcer line sits the 110 Free. Unchanged except for graphics for 2021, the 110 retains all of its floaty playfulness, and separates itself from the competition by still having the two sheets of metal but in a wider, twin-tipped platform. Built with the balsa wood core and two sheets of metal, the 110 is burlier than most other wide skis and as a result, it can really be but to the test in terms of speed and aggressive skiing. The lighter weight of the wood core helps with the soft and heavy snow compliance. The extended tip and tail rocker combine with the tapered shape to ensure maximum flotation and fun. If you're looking for that ski to fill the deep snow slot in your quiver, and you are of the expert level, the Enforcer 110 Free should certainly be on the list. From pure powder to pillow lines, the Enforcer 110 will be with you every turn of the way.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Wood Core
Two Sheets of Metal
Carbon Reinforced Chassis
Powder, Big Mountain

Connor Gorham was on the 177 and felt like he was in some mix of a rap song and a Mazda commercial. His 5 out of 5 for flotation was not a shock, but what was impressive were his other 5's for versatility, forgiveness, playfulness, quickness, and maneuverability. Those are scores usually not seen in the 110 range of skis, and a nod to the well-built and properly-engineered Enforcer 110. Lyrically, Connor spits: "Once in a Mazda commercial, these slay sticks put the zoom-zoom in after noon-noon. Cuttin' through the cheddar mash with slabs of butter. Fast, fun, and functional." Watch out P-Diddy! "I'd dabble with these in POW shots as well! Hit a roller that felt like I was sent out of a potato gun. On a scale of 2, I'd give them a perfect 2!" Enough said, I'd say.

Marcus Shakun was on the 185, and had nothing but 4's and 5's on his scorecard, including a perfect 5 for overall impression. Not too many haters out there on these skis. Marcus calls them "big, playful, freeride skis that, despite their metal build, are one of the most playful skis in the category. For such a wide ski, it's so versatile. You can lay it over and arc big GS turns at speed or wiggle them through the woods. The damp shovel and tail make it so user-friendly and easy to ski for its width. These things blow through thick, soft snow no problem." In terms of the intended ability level, Marcus notes that they're best for advanced skiers to experts. For a 110, Marcus also states that you "could ski it most days," again speaking to the versatility of this unit. Jeff Neagle states that this ski in the 185 is "one of my favorite skis in the ~110 mm category. Actually, now that I say that, I can't think of any I like more, or even as much. Love the Enforcer blend of stability, power, maneuverability and forgiveness. You can charge on them, but it doesn't feel like you have to. Smooth maneuverability. Slips, pivots and smears well. 185 is the sweet spot for me." Jeff's scores all hovered in in the 4-5 range, like the rest of our testers, showing that the skis not only have a lot of versatility, but that the range and scope is on the highest of levels.

Skiers looking for that wider ski that can function as both a powder slayer as well as an all-mountain-ish ski will get their answers in the Nordica Enforcer 110 Free. With sharp new graphics for this year, the skis will stand out among the crowd for a multitude of reasons.