2021 Nordica Sentra SL 7 Ti

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lengths: 150, 155, 160, 165 cm
radius: 12.5 m at 160 cm
sidecut: 119/69/103 mm at 160 cm

Who doesn't love a crisply carved slalom turn? When you watch those high-end skiers make those tight, round arcs, it's pretty darn impressive. A lot of it is training and hard work to be sure, but the skis make a difference too. That's not to say that any person could just hop on a World Cup skier's skis and create the same turns, but it's all part of the equation. The Nordica Sentra SL 7 Ti takes that type of top-tier performance and dumbs it down just a shade for us mere mortal skiers, but make no mistake, these things are still all there. In all sizes, the skis have a 69-mm waist width, which is bordering on hockey-skate width. This makes for an impressive amount of torsional stiffness and edge grip, with the Sentra SL 7 able to hold tight to pretty much any type of ice that you can find. If you don't want your skis to wash out on boilerplate snow conditions, then this is the way to go. In the 160 cm length, the skis generate a 12.5-meter turn radius which is right in line with what competitive slalom skiers are going for. This is quite short, and as a result, the skis don't like to go straight that much-they'd much rather be on edge and in a carved turn.

Balsa Wood Core
Two Sheets of Metal

Built with a balsa wood core, Nordica adds two sheets of metal to do the bulk of the heavy lifting. This wood makes the ski lighter and easier to turn than a denser wood, and we think that is a very good thing in terms of citizen performance, as the true race-room build would be prohibitive for a lot of skiers. As with most race skis, the Sentra SL 7 is fully cambered, allowing for true tip to tail edge contact. The longer the effective edge, the smoother the ride, so expect clean, round turns no matter what. Keep in mind that this type of ski can feel hooky or catchy since they're designed to be so precise and exacting. They are, and if you like that top end of responsiveness, you'll love the Sentra SL 7. Each and every bit of energy that you put in will get instantly transmitted to the edges of the skis, leading to a direct transfer of power.

As more of a one-trick pony, the Sentra SL 7 functions best on smooth and hard surfaces. There's not a whole lot to talk about in terms of versatility, these skis are happiest on groomers when operated by a skilled pilot. For advanced and expert skiers, as well as former racers, the Sentra SL 7 is a specialty ski that has a particular shape and style turn that it likes to make, and it does it better than almost any other recreational ski out there on the market. Lightning fast and incredibly grippy, you won't find stronger torsional stiffness out there. Balance and timing are not optional, but required. Stay centered and strong on the skis and you'll be rewarded with some serious performance and tremendous rebound. Make sure you stay in that athletic position, because these skis are not chill.

Top-end skiers will love the high-performance construction and mentality of the 2021 Nordica Sentra SL 7 Ti skis. With the system binding, it makes for a nice setup, albeit pretty darn specific to hard snow and tight turns. But if that's your bag, these are your skis.

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