2021 Salomon QST 118

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lengths: 171, 178, 185, 192 cm
radius: 26 m at 185 cm
sidecut: 142/118/129 mm at 185 cm

The 2021 Salomon QST 118 is a true powder ski through and through. It has the shape, profile, and construction to ensure maximum flotation, and not much else. If you find snow that is deep enough to submerge this thing, please call and let us know where it is. For the shape, 118 underfoot complements the 142 mm tip and the 129 mm tail. The coolest part of these measurements is that they generate a 26-meter turn radius, so it's totally and completely fine with going straight and making big turns down the fall line. They are neither hooky nor catchy, so it does not matter to them at all what type of snow they're on. From champagne powder to the heaviest pacific snow and all the wind-buffed in between, the QST 118 is happy to take on any snowy challenge that you can possibly think of. The profile consists of what Salomon refers to as twin rocker and this consists of a pretty dramatic and abrupt amount of tail rocker and a gradual, low, and long tip rocker. The tail is where the fun is all at for sure, as it allows the skier to smear and surf, and make all sorts of different turn shapes and styles without having to really push hard or exert a lot of force. In the powder, it's all about fun, and this tail rocker profile kicks it off really nicely. The tip rocker is long and low, and this gives the ski a very smooth feeling in the deep stuff. It doesn't pop up like skis with more dramatic tip shapes, but it does keep the ski planing along very smoothly. Cork damplifier added to the tips and tails keep the ski smooth and stable at speed, and the C/FX blend with the wood core makes for a fun-loving and able ski. If you're looking for a powder-specific ski that loves to float and make long turns, this is a great choice.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Wood Core
Cork Damplifier
Powder, Big Mountain

Steve Sulin skied the 185 and found it to be a good length. All 4's and 5's from Steve on the scorecard, including a 5 out of 5 for overall impression. When you get the right ski in the right conditions, it's hard to have a bad time. Steve agrees, noting that the QST 118 is "the perfect powder ski. The 118 kills the soft snow, but flotation isn't all it has. It feels very quick and nimble for a 118 and didn't have a problem skiing the harder snow back to the lift." Good point, there Steve, not all skiing is done in waist-deep snow, and you should have something that can at least handle the runouts and the groomers with some sort of competency.

Jeff Neagle skied the 192, and unsurprisingly, found it to be too long. He notes that "the QST 118 is a true powder ski. It's designed for deep snow, it excels in these conditions, and it's kind of weird everywhere else. That's how a true powder ski should feel, in my opinion." Jeff also finds some good points about the tip profile: "One of the things I really like about this shape is the tip stays above the snow surface even at relatively slow speeds. You don't get the bogged-down, catchy feel in deep snow when you're going slow that you can get on other skis. That really helps in tight Vermont trees." Sounds like a great shape to us!

Pure powder performance requires a pretty darn specific tool for the job, and Salomon has a big-time winner here with the QST 118. Just click in and point them down the fall line and you'll be rewarded with endless and effortless float-they've really nailed the shape and profile on this one to deliver this top-end float and performance.

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