2021 Salomon S/Force W Fever

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lengths: 142, 149, 156, 163, 170 cm
radius: 13 m at 156 cm
sidecut: 126/80/109 mm at 156 cm

The 2021 Salomon S/Force Fever ladies' skis are a perfect example of a competent carving ski that's going to find a lot of followers this year. Agile, light, and stable, the S/Force Fever will make some hot turns out there, melting the snow under your feet. At 80 mm underfoot, these skis are right on the money in terms of edge grip and performance balance. When carving skis are too narrow, the balance point gets tricky; almost like an ice skate where the blade of the skate is very narrow and is harder to balance on versus a wider platform. On the other hand, if the skis get too wide, you'll lose some of that maneuverability and grip that are so important for front side carving.

Rocker / Camber
Poplar Wood Core
Edge Amplifier GS
Groomers, All Mountain

Built with a wood core made from poplar, the skis have a very nice blend of light weight and high-performance. Adding to that performance is a single layer of titanal on top of the core. This metal increases damping and makes for a higher-performance ski that has a higher speed limit. While not too demanding like a more race-oriented ski in this shape, the Fever again strikes a nice balance between high-performance and playful carving fun. While mostly cambered, the Fever's front 15% gets a bit of a rockered profile, allowing skiers to enter turns with greater ease. This gives the skier greater confidence due to the less-hooky or grabby feeling that a fully-cambered ski would produce. When this happens, the smoothness of the ski really starts to stand out.

Skiers who spend the majority of their time on groomed and smooth terrain will benefit the most from the Salomon S/Force Fever. The light weight of the ski is one of the benefits, but it's not so light that it becomes chattery. That's in part due to the titanal laminate-the metal does a fantastic job at modulating the frequencies of the ski when it comes to vibration absorption. Since it's only a single layer, it doesn't have the overall heft of a heavier ski with two sheets of metal. In this sense, Salomon has done a nice job appealing to a greater majority of skiers, from intermediates all the way to expert-level skiers.

While we weren't able to get our own testing staff on these particular skis, the men's version is built quite similarly, and I've gotten to spend some time on the S/Force 9, and I love it. I'm a pretty big skier, but I found the merits of the ski to be easy initiation, a well-rounded carve shape, and light and maneuverable weight. If you're a lighter expert, you're going to find a lot to like about the skis and even the more apprehensive skiers out there will love the confidence-inspiring Salomon S/Force Fever skis.

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