2021 Volkl Flair SC

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lengths: 150, 155, 160, 165 cm
radius: 12.1 m at 160 cm
sidecut: 123/70/103 mm
price: $ 949.99

Quick, nimble, and precise, the Volkl Flair SC returns unchanged for 2021 in a structural sense, allowing another round of lady carvers the opportunity to get on these hot sticks. Take all you've ever heard about Volkl's legendary edge grip and carving prowess and it culminates in the Flair SC. Built with Volkl's Full-Sensor Wood Core Light, the Flair SC also benefits from an added layer of carbon and their UVO vibration damping system. The wood core is the burly one that's used on their race skis, but they just take a little bit off the top to make the skis lighter. By adding carbon to the package, it makes for a smooth and stable ski with a good weight to it. Just a bit of tip rocker makes the ski easier to drive into turns, while the camber underfoot and through the tail makes a huge difference with edge grip and rebound. Skiers who are looking for that high-end and precise feeling will love the Flair SC. These things are short turners to be sure. At the 155 cm length, the Flair SC generates an 11.3-meter turn radius, which is shorter even than competitive slalom skis. You'll be making razor-sharp and round turns all day long for sure. That said, they do not really like to go straight all that much, so there's better choices if that is your thing. Unchanged for 2021, we were able to reclaim our testers from last year to get their feedback. And to nobody's surprise, they still touted the precise turning and top-end rebound out of the Flair SC.

Rocker / Camber
Full Sensor Woodcore Light
Powered By Carbon

Caroline Kessler skied the 160 and felt it to be short, but they don't come too much longer, so she may be out of luck. As a result, she scored the ski 4's out of 5 for quickness, maneuverability, and playfulness. By playfulness, we are assuming she means carving playful, not powder playful. While not terribly versatile, Caroline noted that these are fantastic "carving skis that are quick edge to edge. They hold an edge on anything, but due to the shorter turn radius, has a bit of a speed limit." In terms of that carving fun, Caroline notes that the skis are "pretty poppy and good for someone who spends most of their time on groomers." Certainly more of a singular-use ski, the Volkl Flair SC does what it does quite well. Kristi Brown agrees, and she was on the 155, so even a bit shorter than Caroline's test length. She calls it a "supreme front side cruiser with typical Volkl stability and confidence. The bigger shovel and the tip rocker ease you into turns." She had a bunch of high scores on her card, to boot, with mostly 4's except for an N/A in flotation. At 70 mm underfoot, we're not skiing a lot of powder on these things.

Nifer Hoehn brings her extensive racing background to the test, and she found the Flair SC to check a lot of boxes in terms of the front side performance and personality. She skied the 155 like Kristi, and like the rest of our lady testers, found the sizing to be too short. But, like Caroline, Nifer scored the ski 4's out of 5 for quickness, maneuverability, and playfulness, meaning that she liked the overall character of the ski. "I tried slalom turns at the beginning of the run, but found the tip rocker didn't engage as fast as I thought. Once I opened it up a little, they came around nicely, but they certainly like those short-radius turns." Again, with that sub-12 meter turn radius, we're looking at some seriously short arcs.

For fast, fun, and reliable front side performance, check out the Volkl Flair SC. These skis have the strength and stability to handle some high-end skiing, and the narrow waist to make some quick, short turns. Best suited for groomers and smooth surfaces, the Flair SC will appeal to strong skiers with good balance.