2022 DPS Pagoda Tour 112 RP Skis

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DPS Pagoda Tour 112 RP Skis

Providing effortless float and maneuverability in powder along with a featherweight profile for long days in the backcountry, the Pagoda Tour 112 is the powder ski that seeks to transform the skin track into a highway with access to your favorite stashes. It's difficult to image a ski this wide being so light, but DPs makes this concept a reality with these things coming it at about 1500 grams per ski (at 178 centimeters). Under the hood, the Pagoda Tour 112 RP features DPS's signature Pagoda Tour construction wherein you'll find a blend of Ash, Paulownia and an Aerospace-grade foam sandwiched between two full sheets of carbon. From this construction you get a tremendously lightweight ski that provides the same stability, power and responsiveness of something designed for the resort. When looking at a ski this large, most people would not think to consider it one that is very agile or quick turning, but thanks to DPS's RP shaping, you can believe quite the contrary to be true. The RP shaping was designed around providing maneuverability and quickness to skis that would have traditionally lacked these performance characteristics otherwise. As a result, larger and longer skis that can make short quick turns can now exist. This shaping features a generous sidecut, tip and tail rocker, as well as early taper. All three of these features work in tandem to create a tremendously floaty, surfy and effortless ski experience while providing the quickness needed in tighter situations you mind find yourself in out in the backcountry. The DPS Pagoda Tour 112 combines a lot of contrasting design characteristics that come together to work very well as a soft snow ski to be used for those foot-accessed days searching for the deep stuff.


  • Sidecut: 140/112/125 at 178 centimeters
  • Radius: 15 meters
  • Core: Ash, Paulownia, Aerospace foam
  • Dual Carbon laminate
  • One-piece full wrap sidewall
  • Rocker-camber-rocker
  • Tip and tail taper
  • Textured Polyamide topsheet
  • Ability Level: Advanced to Expert skiers

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2022 DPS Pagoda Tour 112 RP Skis

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