2022 Dynastar M-PRO 84 Women's Ski

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Dynastar M-Pro 84 Women's Skis

The Dynastar M-Pro 84 women's skis are a fantastic choice for intermediate and advanced ladies who are looking to spend most of their time on the front side of the mountain, with a little bit of adventure built in. Thanks to the light weight wood core and fun shaping methods, the skis are best suited for on-trail skiing, and ideally smooth and fun groomers. Built with a poplar wood core, the skis are light yet stable. There's not a whole lot else going on with these skis in terms of material, and what they lack in sophistication, they more than make up for in simplicity. With a shape that's ideal for front-side cruising, the 84 mm waist is a great blend of performance and light weight. They are more of a 5-point sidecut that allows for a shorter turn radius if needed, while the tips and their more tapered shape can cut through the crud and chop if needed. Thanks to this shaping, the skis get their adventurous personality, allowing the skier to greatly dictate when and where to ski and the conditions allowed. With a flatter tail, the skis are able to hold an edge until the end, making the completion of the turn fun, smooth, and responsive. Whether you ski mostly in steeps, bumps, trees, or groomers, the all-mountain fun factor is highly exemplified in the Dynastar M-Pro 84 women's skis.


  • Sidecut: 122/84/105 mm
  • Turn Radius: 17 meters
  • Poplar Wood Core
  • Tip and Tail Rocker
  • Early Tip Taper
  • Ability Level: Intermediate and Advanced Skiers

Ability Level:

Preferred Terrain
 All-Mountain •  Groomers •  Powder 


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2022 Dynastar M-PRO 84 Women's Ski

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