2022 Fischer Ranger 115 FR Skis

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Fischer Ranger 115 FR Skis

For wide, playful, freeride fun, check out the Fischer Ranger 115 FR. As the widest ski in the Fischer line, the 115 has the most taper and rocker to help you get through the deep stuff with surfy and smeary style. At this width, you're getting an absolute ton of flotation in any depth of snow, allowing you to stay on top and play and swivel around to your heart's content. Fun and playful, the skis have metal mounting plates that mostly retain the bindings, with carbon in the tips to keep the swing weight low but still stiff and responsive. It's this blend of stability, swing weight, and flotation that really sets the Ranger 115 FR apart from its wide competitors. The wood core is snappy and stable, and will hold a strong edge even in the most adverse of conditions and terrain. In terms of taper and rocker, the skis are pretty dramatic in these departments. While there's still fairly positive camber underfoot for all of your edge grip needs, the tips and tails are considerably rockered to help with flotation and playfulness. The more aggressively tapered shovels and tails really make these things cut through the snow with ease and fluidity, allowing the pilot to be able to play, dance, and smear around the snow with the best of them. For any and all powder skiing enthusiasts looking for the ultimate in flotation and playfulness, the Fischer Ranger 115 FR skis are the way to go.


  • Sidecut: 144/115/134 mm
  • Turn Radius: 20 meters at 188
  • Weight: 2150 Grams per Ski
  • Tip and tail Rocker
  • Moderate Taper
  • Carbon Nose
  • Wood Core
  • Ability Level: Advanced and Expert Skiers

Ability Level:

Preferred Terrain
 All-Mountain •  Big Mountain •  Powder 

Big Mountain

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2022 Fischer Ranger 115 FR Skis

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