2022 Flylow Grill Trucker

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Flylow Grill Trucker

Summer hat, serious reminder, Flylow's Grill Trucker celebrates the hand tools used to fight forest fires, the shovels, the rakes, and the people who wield them. If you go out in the woods today, to join the teddy bears for their picnic, or have one of your own, take great care with your flame, whether it's a state of the art camp stove, or an approved fire pit. And make sure you're paying attention to posted fire danger warnings, and the environment you find yourself in. Keep flame suppressants handy, and flames to a minimum, so the bears, and everyone else, can stay, quite literally, out of the line of fire. Unlike most of our hats, the Flylow Grill Trucker is not treated with DBR™, durable boredom repellent, because this hat needs to attract the calm and the thoughtful and the careful. So if you go out in the woods today, we're really hoping the only surprise you find is the teddy bears having a picnic. With their little cakes and insulated flasks of tea.


  • Over the sunglass shade
  • Designed to minimize squint lines when used appropriately with sunglasses
  • Curved brim
  • Button top
  • Fire tool center graphic
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Snap adjustable fit
  • Not treated with DBR™ Durable Boredom Repellent
  • Bug dispelling properties
  • Emergency fishing net
  • Hair covering designed to mask helmet head
  • Not to be used to dispel angry wasps
  • Teddy bear resistant
  • Not brown, black, grizzly, or polar bear resistant... should not be used as a bear repellent.
2022 Flylow Grill Trucker
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