2022 K2 Mindbender 85 Alliance Women's Skis - All Questions

2022 K2 Mindbender 85 Alliance Women's Skis
2022 K2 Mindbender 85 Alliance Women's Skis
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I'm an advancing intermediate skier: took lessons and skied growing up through early middle school then took several years off until my late 20s. I am 30, 5'-9", 165-170 lbs and live in the midwest. I skied in Utah this season and will likely ski out west annually and Alps occasionally.

I've been using Head Pure Joy to regain my bearings and have improved confidence greatly: fine on all blues & some blacks. They're 158 and feel like I'm not getting the best control at speed. I love speed when I'm familiar with the trail, but I like control and maneuverability to remain cautious at times of uncertainty. I'm beginning to venture more off-piste, primarily glades and some bumps so I do also lean more toward an all-mountain style.

I have narrowed my choices down to K2 Mindbender 85 (Alliance maybe, but not necessarily given my height), Black Pearl 88, and am also intrigued by the Solomon QST Lux 92 (tend to think 92 is fat for primarily midwest, but let me know if my stats change thinking on this). Based on all the reviews and advice, it seems like I would be happy on any of these and hard to know what's best! If I had to pick, control is my top priority followed by energy/fun. Looking to advance with this ski and enjoy it for years to come. Assuming 170 is the sweet spot length for this?

So appreciate the resources and advice available here - thank you for your expertise!
Question by: Ashley on Mar 3, 2022, 12:57 AM
HI Ashley!
I think the Salomon is a very intriguing option. It has a bit more oomph to it than the other skis, so that kind of offsets the width. They turn easily and predictably, but have a high end feel and stability to them. I think the 169 is the way to go in that ski. Have fun!
Answer by: SkiEssentials Expert on Mar 3, 2022, 4:56 PM

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