2022 Line Vision 108 Skis

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Line Vision 108 Skis

The Line Vision 108 is a directional freeride ski designed to be lightweight, playful, and stable for ripping the entire mountain. Whether its inbounds laps the day after a big storm, or long skin laps out in the backcountry, the Vision 108 is a freeride-oriented ski that is multifaceted enough for a wide range of skiers to enjoy. The Vision collection uses Line's THC Construction which stands for Triple Hybrid Construction. What this does is add stability to the ski without adding weight thanks to the three different layers of composite materials. This results in an impressive combination of lightness and stability, often not found in a ski of this size. At 108 millimeters underfoot, this ski definitely errs on the side of soft snow performance more so than anything else, but it is narrow enough to handle other conditions as well. If you live in a place that receives a lot of snow, this would be a ski could use most of the time, but for people in places that receive lower snowfall totals, this would be a great soft-snow-dedicated ski. Tip and tail rocker keep you afloat while also allowing for easy pivoting and maneuverability. Ealy taper in the tip and tail give the Vision 108 a knife-like quality that lets it slice through soft snow or other variable snow conditions and reduces the ski's tendency to deflect off of quick changes or variations in the snow. Because it's so light, the Vision 108 works just as well out of bounds as it does in bounds. If your someone who enjoys their terrain access via skin track, then the Vision 108 would be a great tool. Aggressive freeriders and playful powder skiers alike will enjoy the lightness and power of the Line Vision 108.


  • Sidecut: 142/118/128
  • Radius: 19.5 meters
  • Weight: 1605 grams per ski
  • Core: Partly Cloudy
  • THC Construction
  • Full Sidewall construction
  • Early Taper
  • Tip and Tail Rocker
  • Ability Level: Advanced to expert skiers

Preferred Terrain
 All-Mountain •  Groomers •  Powder 


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2022 Line Vision 108 Skis

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I'm looking for a width/length recommendation for Line Vision.

I'm looking for a both light and fun ski for ski touring in Europe. I've been skiing on Armada JJ 2012 185cm (115 waist) with Marker Duke, still love them for downhill, but they're sluggish uphill. I can't catch my buddies on light Blizzard Zero G 95 with tech bindings, but they struggle a little in downhill. I'm going uphill mostly for the downhill, hitting every bump I can find (no switch however), so I think Line Vision would be a great choice. Anyway I'll keep my JJs as a resort tool for soft snow, so I don't care much how Vision behaves on piste.

I'd like to mount tech binding ATK Freeraider (360 g) or similar weight and downhill ability.

I'm 190 cm tall, 85 kg in boxers.

Should I go for 98 or 108? I think 108 would be pretty good for pow but I also like 98 for the ~200g weight savings (like 150g ski + 50g skins) and maybe lighter forces on the tech binding?

Vision 98 in 186 seems like the only choice
Vision 108 - 183 or 189 cm? (For uphill only, I'd go for shorter for easier kick turns)

Thanks for tips!
Question by: Tomáš Kouba on Jan 12, 2022, 12:12 PM
Hi Tomas,

We like to say that a 98 waist width is the sweet spot for all-mountain versatility. For touring, not only will it be lighter than a wider waisted ski like a 108, it will ski better when you encounter mixed conditions when skiing the BC. It not powder all the time, and your chances of skiing wind pack, firm snow and other mixed conditions are fairly high. The 98 will handle everything you throw at it except for the deepest of pow days. Its a great floater for a 98mm waisted ski, largely due to its rocker profile. Go 98 in a 186 cm length. Your legs (and lungs) will thank you.

Have fun!

Answer by: Dave Hatoff on Jan 12, 2022, 2:35 PM

I'm wondering what length for the 108 you think would be most suitable.

I am 186cm tall and weigh 76kg. I will be using the ski primarily for backcountry. I would consider myself an intermediate backcountry skier (that's improving). I currently have a set of Faction Agent 2.0 that are 187cm in length.


Question by: Conor Moloney on Feb 2, 2022, 4:48 AM
Hi Conor,

At your stats and due the the Visons rocker profile will make the ski ski a bit short, go for the 189 cm length.

Will put you right around that 187cm length.

Have fun!

Answer by: Dave Hatoff on Feb 3, 2022, 12:47 PM

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