2022 Marker Kingpin 13 Binding

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2021 Marker Kingpin 13 Bindings

A fair argument could be made that the Marker Kingpin 13 bindings started a revolution in backcountry skiing and alpine touring. By combining a lightweight tech toe with more of an alpine style heel, they created something that toured like a light weight and skied like a heavyweight. As a result of this combination, a whole slew of skiers who would normally never venture out into the deep winter wilderness suddenly got their confidence, allowing them to access both rarely skied terrain as well as early-morning, season, and spring skiing for when the lifts aren't running at the resort. At most places, the resort closes well before the snow goes out, so there's oftentimes a few months at the beginning and the end of the season that's available only to human-powered skiing. These bindings, with their carbon reinforced pin tech toe and the Kingpin heel allow skiers with tech boots the ability to rapidly ascend the mountain, and click in almost like a normal alpine binding at the top for the descent down. Kingpin's XXL Power Transmitters on the heel make for a good amount of points of contact, allowing for that solid connection, and when you step in, it feels a lot like your normal alpine binding, lending confidence and performance to the downhill portion of the ski. As far as revolutionary products are concerned in the sport of skiing, the Marker Kingpin 13 should be at the top of the fun list for sure.


  • Release Range: 6-13
  • Weight: 670 Grams
  • Carbon Reinforced Tech Toe
  • Kingpin 13 Heel
  • XXL Power Transmitters
  • Stand Height: 21 mm
  • Ability Level: Advanced and Expert Skiers
2022 Marker Kingpin 13 Binding
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