2022 Rossignol BLACKOPS HolyShred Skis

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The new Rossignol BlackOPS Holyshred skis are a new offering from Rossignol that is here to offer the infamous quiver of one. These skis provide the necessary versatility to carve, slash and literally just crush all the variable terrain you can find on the entire ski mountain. Let us speak freeride, the Holyshred skis have come to crush the category! These skis will have you popping off every lip you can find having an unmatched level of energy and rebound present in the construction. The BlackOPS Holyshred includes a lively PEFC poplar wood core with energy boosting layers of titanal that are sure to inspire you to turn the mountain into your personal playground every time you head for some turns. If you are an aggressive skier that needs a ski to give back the energy and pop you desire, look no further give the new BlackOPS a go. You are not going to be disappointed with the energized rebound, precision and stability of the Holyshred skis. We can't say enough about the Holyshred skis, with the titanal inserts underfoot you are sure to experience enhanced power and edge grip with the exceptional rebound found in every length. Don't be shy, get yourself on the right ski to bounce around as you shred the entire mountain the way it's meant to be, it's your personal playground. It's time to shred on the new Rossignol BlackOPS Holyshred skis.


  • Sidecut: 131/98/121
  • Radius: 14m @ 162 cm; 17m @ 172 cm; 19m @ 182 cm; 22m @ 192 cm
  • PEFC Poplar Woodcore
  • Diagofiber & Titanal Beam Reinforcements
  • Rectangular Sidewall Construction
  • Weight: 4 kg/pair (182cm)
  • Ability Level: Advanced to Expert Skiers

Preferred Terrain
 All-Mountain •  Park •  Powder 


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2022 Rossignol BLACKOPS HolyShred Skis

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How would these skis feel different mounted at -3 vs the recommended? Would there be a difference in float? Would one feel any easier for pivoting?
Question by: Justin Brown on Dec 4, 2020, 4:52 PM
Hi Justin!
Yes, a bit more float, but less stability in normal turning situations. Shovel will be flappier and the tail will be washier. Have fun!
Answer by: SkiEssentials Expert on Dec 7, 2020, 5:23 PM
I’m trying to decide between these and the Fischer Ranger 102 FR. I want a lively poppy ski that also has good edge hold for sketchy/icy sections. Mainly skiing Taos/Crested Butte. Love bumps, soft snow, trees and steeps. I’m 6’3’ 210lbs. Also, looking for advice on sizing for both. I gravitate toward the 191/192 for each but want some quickness for bumps and trees.
Question by: Alex on Jan 5, 2021, 10:45 PM
Hi Alex!
I'd say you sound like a Holyshred skier in the 192. Quicker and a bit more lively than the Ranger, and the carbon tips of the Ranger can lead to some deflection in the icy spots, where the rubber tips of the Rossi are more compliant. Have fun!
Answer by: SkiEssentials Expert on Jan 11, 2021, 1:14 PM
Considering the holy shred 182 for an Eastern all mountain tele ski. Have been looking for info on the mount point. Looks like recommended is about -4.5 from true center. It looks kinda far forward and thinking maybe mount closer to -6cm. (split the difference between the traditional and directional marks on the ski. Have you received any feedback on mount points for this ski?
Question by: Paul Fitzgerald on Mar 27, 2021, 2:53 PM
HI Paul!
I have two general theories on telemark mounts. The first is you take your skis, boots, and bindings to a shop and have them mounted and don't pay attention to where they mount them and just ski them until they fall apart and never think about it again. The second is to stand on the ski with just your boot on and get a good visual of where you want your boot on the ski, and then mark the toe and heel. It's more dark magic than actual science, I believe. Great tele skis, btw!
Answer by: SkiEssentials Expert on Mar 30, 2021, 7:05 AM
Not a question, a comment: I'm on the Black Ops 98. 182cm. LOVE 'em now, but here's my 2 cents regarding the mounting point (mid sole). I mounted them originally as recommended and skied them. At that set-up, the ski is 'center' mounted forward and you feel forward from a traditional directional ski perspective. A terrain park half pipe trick set-up. I'm a directional skier.... Rarely go fakey ... No spinning twisting stuff. Big Mountain all mountain terrain (Mammoth, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, Mt Rose). I remounted them 3cm back from the recommended mark. My BSL is 317mm. At that mounting point, for me, the ski IS PERFECT!!
The Black Ops 98 KILL IT for me now. They rip everywhere....literally.
I was a ski tech for years at a top shop and still service all of my skis. I run a (basic) 1* bottom bevel and 2* sidewall bevel.
Anyway, that's my experience with the Black Ops 98.
Question by: Robo on Jun 17, 2021, 1:00 PM
Thanks for your feedback with your experience on the mount position! We are glad to hear the remount worked out for you.
Keep crushing the Cali big mountain terrain on the Black OPS!
Answer by: Mike Aidala on Jun 17, 2021, 2:45 PM
I currently have the 2020 Rossignol Sky 7 HD in 188, and really love them. I find myself wanting something a little stiffer, without giving up the float, and the quick and easy to smear turns of the Sky 7. Is the Holyshred in 192 length the ticket?
Question by: Doug on Oct 27, 2021, 1:21 AM
Hi Doug,
The Blackops holyshred would be a great option. It is stiffer than your sky 7s with the titanal plate under foot but it is still a relatively soft ski that would give you plenty of float in deeper snow, plow through the crud easier, and be more maneuverable though trees and moguls. Im not sure how tall you are but if you were skiing the sky 7s in a 188 the 192cm blackops should be fine.
Answer by: Eric Eric McDonough on Oct 27, 2021, 2:33 PM

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