Welcome to our 2022 Alpine Ski Test!  Here at SkiEssentials.com, we believe that there is not a best ski and a worst ski, but rather that there is a ski perfect for you.  Through exhaustive (and really fun) efforts, we have compiled data and feedback designed to steer you towards your ideal ski.  By skiing and testing over 350 skis from 18 brands, combined with this being our 5th annual test, we’ve learned a thing or two over the years, and we are more than happy to pass our knowledge and experience on to you.   

We pride ourselves on being honest, unbiased, and objective in our endeavors, providing unfiltered feedback from our testers and staff.  This method creates real-world value and personalized data, rather than just a series of scores that may not mean to you what they mean to someone else.   

So grab your computer, phone, or tablet, get comfortable, and enjoy countless hours of ski information and footage.  Each ski has a writeup, pictures, and a video to go along with it, so make sure you budget some free time over the next few weeks and months to really dive in and learn about the skis.  Interaction is key to this test, please reach out in the comments section with any questions or comparisons, we’re happy to help! 


2022 Men's Skis

Here you’ll find all the men’s skis that we tested this season. There’s a huge variety of skis in here. From dedicated carving and race skis to massive powder skis and lightweight touring skis, there’s certainly something for everyone. We’ve seen some impressive innovations in ski construction in recent years resulting in lighter skis and more refined performance overall. There are a handful of carry-over models from last season, and some with just new graphics and colors, but you’ll also find a whole slew of brand new skis or updated constructions compared to previous years. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need more help determining what model is right for you.

2022 Women's Skis

In these sections, you’ll find all the women’s skis we tested. Just like the men’s sections, you’ll find a ton of variety here. Whether you’re a beginner moving away from rental equipment or a seasoned vet looking for your next ride, there’s a ski here for you. We talk about this concept a lot at SkiEssentials.com, but female skiers shouldn’t be afraid to choose “men’s” skis, especially if you’re a more aggressive skier or need a longer length. In fact, many companies actually design their women’s skis the same as the men’s skis. Some are even going as far as just making skis and not signifying a gender at all, like DPS. Others, however, use specific builds and shapes designed for female skiers. Whenever applicable, we will call out whether the “men’s” (we actually prefer “unisex”) are the same as the skis you’ll find here.