2022 Armada Declivity 108 Ti

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lengths: 182, 190 cm
radius: 21.7 m at 182 cm
sidecut: 136/108/126 mm at 182 cm

As the new, widest Declivity, the 108 Ti adds a whole new level of stability and power to Armada’s freeride equation. This is a cool new ski that really delivers the strength to the lineup. The outgoing Invictus 108 was a pretty burly ski, and this picks up right where that ski left off. Built much like the narrower Declivity skis, the 108 Ti is built with a light caruba wood core, but adds triaxial fiberglass laminate as well as Armada’s Articulated Titanal banding. So you get the quickness and maneuverability of a lighter wood core, as well as the stiffness of the titanal bands and the snappiness of the fiberglass. This all adds up to a quiet, stable, smooth, and strong ride that’s got as much power as you’d need. It’s a shade below skis like the Volkl Katana 108 or Blizzard Cochise when it comes to raw power, but it is quite a bit livelier. It’s pretty quiet as well, as you can really take this new stick to high speeds in wide-open spaces, and we’ve been pretty impressed with the Declivity skis on the whole already, so it’s nice to see another model take the top-billing, at least in terms of width. Aggressive experts and advanced skiers are certainly going to be able to get the most out of these skis.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Poplar, Caruba
Articulated Titanal Banding
AR100 Sidewall, Triaxial Glass
Big Mountain, Powder, All Mountain

Matt McGinnis hopped on the 182, and that length combined with the build made it feel long for him. It’s a pretty burly ski, to be sure, so that’s not very surprising there. Turns out, that was the only thing that threw Matt off on this ski, as he generally really enjoyed the rest of it. His overall impression score of 5 out of 5 certainly emphasizes this experience. None of his other scores dipped below a 4, so it’s safe to say that even though it was on the long side for him, it didn’t dampen his overall feelings about the Declivity 108. Matt notes: “I’ll admit it, I misjudged this ski before skiing it. Typically, when you get on a 108 with metal, you’re getting on a ski that wants to take you for a ride. It’ll want to go fast and straight, only interested in turning if you’re pushing the speedometer and looking for a nice long obtuse angle. These skis don’t fit that description. Right off the bat, these skis proved themselves to be far nimbler and more maneuverable than I expected. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still stiff, but you don’t notice that when you’re moving slowly or when you need to make a quick turn. Instead, that trait shows up when you need it: when you’re straight lining through slush at high speeds. In those moments, the declivity didn’t falter, it simply charged. For recommendations, I’d suggest this ski to anyone looking for a fat ski capable of charging, whether on steep faces or choppy conditions, but also doesn’t want to feel like their skis are in control. In other words, skiers who want a ski that’s down to charge, but is also able to mellow out on occasion would love this ski.”

Ryan Daniel was also on the 182, and said it was “perfect.” Like Matt, Ryan’s scores never dipped below a 4, with a 5 for overall impression, so it sounds and seems like Armada has gotten a good ski on its hands here. Ryan kept his comments on the succinct side, noting that the Declivity 108 are “Fun skis. Sorry too tired to write more.” I don’t think it was the ski that did him in—these were long days of testing in soft snow! Another Matt, Testa, found the 182 to be just right in terms of sizing. “Perfect size for me” he states. Another tester with all 4’s and 5’s on the card, which is pretty impressive for such a wide and burly ski. Matt notes about the ski that “the Declivity is a slush surfer. Most fun ski of the day for me, the perfect tool for the job. Took me a run to figure this ski out but once I did, it was full pin. Super stable charging through the slush but also really surfy when you want to make shorter more playful turns. The Declivity will crush any terrain you want, groomers, steeps, trees, it loves it. Recommended for all mountain riders who still are looking for something that can carve and hold an edge with confidence.”

For what’s supposed to be such a burly hard charger, we had a lot of consistent scores. Typically, when a ski is built for a specific purpose like this one, scores are usually all over the place, but this Declivity 108 really does a lot of things well, and is a great addition to the lineup. Very strong, stable, and secure, this thing doesn’t have many limitations, and offers a great alternative to the burliest 108-110's out there.

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