2022 Armada Reliance 82 Ti

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lengths: 150, 158, 166, 174 cm
radius: 15.4 m at 166 cm
sidecut: 126/82/109 mm at 166 cm
price: $ 649.95

The 2022 Armada Reliance 82 Ti is an awesome new ski that’s built and shaped to take intermediate all the way to expert lady skiers to the next level of their front side and all-mountain ski game. The Reliance is the female version of the men’s Declivity series, but there are no structural or shaping changes, only graphics and length. As a result, ladies get the same high-performance energy out of the ski, allowing them to make clean, round turns on the groomers while keeping a lot of the all-mountain and freeride pedigree from the wider versions of these skis fully intact. At 82 mm underfoot, the Reliance is one of the narrowest all-mountain skis in the industry, and it only remains an “all-mountain” ski mostly because it has the same relative shape and profile as the wider skis in the line. Most other skis at 82 mm underfoot fall more into the front side category, but these kind of blur that line, and Armada couldn’t be happier about it. Quick and nimble from edge to edge, the Reliance 82 is a fantastic mogul and tree ski, as well as a great tool to learn the art of the perfect carve. It has a lot of range, so can be used by both less-aggressive and mellower skiers as well as harder chargers who want the grip of Armada’s Articulated Titanal Banding. After all, this ski still has metal laminates in it, so it’s not just some narrower noodly ski. Our testers loved the quickness and snappiness of the ski, noting that what it lacks on the high end, it more than makes up for in the mid-range of the performance spectrum.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Caruba, Poplar
Articulated Titanal Banding
AR100 Sidewalls, Triaxial Glass
All Mountain, Groomers, Powder

Allison Kozar skied the 164 and found it both true to size and a good length for her. She did note that it had a bit of a hesitation in terms of high-speed stability, but that it did still have the maneuverability to make it a very fun ski. “Great for someone who wants to make slower on-trail turns. Was a little squirrely/chattery going fast on firm stuff.” Her score of 3 out of 5 for stability backs up that assertion, but since it’s matched with another 3 for quickness and maneuverability, it still sounds like these 82’s have a nice well-rounded feel, landing it right in the mid-section of the performance zone.

Lauren LePage also ripped a few runs on the 164, and like Allison, found it true to size and a proper length. Lauren was a bit more bullish on the skis versus Allison, with scores of 5 out of 5 for stability, torsional stiffness, and edge hold. 4’s for quickness, maneuverability, and overall impression were not far behind, showing that potential for being a grippy, energetic ski that Armada has set out to create. Lauren notes that the Reliance 82 is an “energetic and stable ski with great edge control and a smooth transition. A great resort ski for a typical day on-piste!” While neither of these ladies mentioned much in the way of off-trail or adventure skiing, we’re still inferring that for bumps and trees, especially on low-snow days, these skis will fit those bills quite well.

As a result of a few years with the Declivity series, and experimenting with narrower all-mountain skis, the Reliance 82 Ti from Armada kind of stands out on its own. There are a few other skis out there like it, most notably a Blizzard Black Pearl 82, but that ski lacks the metal laminate of the Reliance. If you’re looking for that narrower ski in an all-mountain shape, the Armada Reliance 82 Ti really checks a lot of boxes. Quick, agile, and just fun to ski, the 82 Ti loves to be on edge, pushing for that perfect carve.