2022 Armada Trace 88

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lengths: 152, 162, 172 cm
radius: 19.5 m at 162 cm
sidecut: 115/88/107 mm at 162 cm
price: $ 419.97

The 2022 Armada Trace 88 is a fantastic choice for lady adventure skiers who spend most, if not all, of their time in the backcountry. Thanks to the advancement of gear, following the explosion of popularity of alpine touring, the Armada Trace 88 is the result. Light, fun, and easy to use, these skis have a lot to offer skiers who are looking to take advantage of the pristine winter wilderness, and the endless options that the backcountry has to offer.

Rocker / Camber
Ti Binding Reinforcement
Adaptive Mesh, AR75 Sidewall
Touring, Powder, All Mountain

Starting with a Caruba wood core, the skis are light and easy to use. When placed in the 88 mm waist width, this wood creates an incredibly easy ski to skin on, and it's not so bad on the downhills, either. In the 162 cm length, the skis come in at 1125 grams per ski. This is like nothing. Make sure you have the right bindings and boots to go along with the weight of the ski, that's for sure. Interestingly, and good for skinning, the skis generate a 19.5-meter turn radius at the 162 cm length, which is certainly on the long side for skis that we see in this shape that aren't of the uphill ilk. It's a pretty straight shape, and for skinning, that's very helpful to keep you on your intended line (think cross country skis and their arrow-straight shape). Underfoot, there's a titanal binding reinforcement, which is super-important for skis with this light core. All in all, the build quality is perfect for that blend of uphill and downhill performance.

In terms of shaping and profiling, it all lends to the combination of uphill speed and downhill playfulness. Armada's AR 75 Sidewall is perfect for splitting this difference. With a 75% sidewall and 25% cap, the skis have the quickness in the tips and tails to go along with the edge grip and control of the vertical sidewall underfoot. In the capped tip, the taper is more dramatic than we see on other all-mountain 88's, and this not only helps with skin retention, but also with flotation in powder. For 88's they float quite well. The tail is pretty standard and flat, with a cutout for a skin holder. These little features go a long way with the ability of the ski to be that high-end touring ski that all ski adventurers need and want.

Light, quick, and incredibly efficient, the Armada Trace 88 is here to fit all of your adventure skiing needs. Thanks to the shape, construction, and profile, as well as a few nice extras, these skis have all you need to conquer the backcountry, taking you further and faster into the winter woods than you ever thought possible. There’s a whole lot to like about alpine touring skiing, and when you’re on the right gear, it makes the whole experience just that much better.