2022 Atomic Maven 86 C

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lengths: 147, 153, 161, 169 cm
radius: 15.5 m at 161 cm
sidecut: 121.5/87/105 mm at 161 cm

Light, fun, and playful, the Atomic Maven 86 C still has a business end, but overall, this ski is just a whole lot of goodness. The mid-80's is a great place to be for all-mountain and front side versatility, and these skis can hold a great edge and make super-quick turns with the best of them. Built the same way as the men’s Maverick 86 C, this Maven has a poplar wood core, a metal laminate underfoot, and carbon stringers through the tips and tails. This is a great combination that allows for some serious edge control underfoot, with playfulness and quickness in the tips and tails. They aren’t going to be as stable at speed as a similar ski with metal in it, but they’re sure to be a lot more agile and better suited for shorter turns and more mellow speeds. For intermediate skiers looking to progress in all facets of the sport of skiing, these 86’s are a great place to be. They even include Atomic’s HRZN tips that allow for better flotation without widening the ski. As a result, you get a well-rounded ski with a pretty high gear for not a lot of weight. Your legs won’t get tired, and you’ll simply have a great time.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Metal Underfoot
Carbon Stringers, HRZN Tip Tech,
Groomers, All Mountain

On the 161, Carly Monahan noted that it was a good length for tighter trees and sharper turns, but for wider-open spots, she’d prefer the longer 169. Lots of good scores from Carly as well, with 5’s out of 5 given for playfulness, versatility, and overall impression. A low 3 for flotation is not surprising, and the rest of her scores were all 4’s so that means the 86 C is checking a lot of boxes in terms of being a well-rounded ski. Carly states that the Maven 86 C is “playful, but powerful enough to push into turns on firmer groomers. Certainly not a carving ski, but has ample edge grip and can hold its own. Likes all different turn shapes, but is especially fun in slightly softer snow and swishing around on the sides of the trails.” Mostly, you’re making shorter-swing turns on the sides of the trails, and a lot of skiers really make their money there. Sounds like Carly was cashing in on the soft snow to the sides as well. Lauren Lepage was also on the 161 and calls it “A lightweight and energetic All-Mountain Carver. Effortless turns, playful and poppy.” She found the size to run true, and her top score was a 5 out of 5 for forgiveness. Mostly 4’s on the rest of her card, echoing Carly’s experience on these skis.

Alli Ruschp skied the 169 cm length, stating that it skied true and was a good length for her. Alli’s scores were all in the 4 and 5 range, with 5’s standing out in quickness, maneuverability, and playfulness. Like the other two ladies, mostly/all 4’s and 5’s indicates a higher-than-average score that reinforces the pure and fun-loving nature of these skis. In her analysis, Alli notes that the Maven 86 C is a “great advanced-intermediate ski for an all-mountain skier that can take you from the groomers to the bumps and trees. Relatively forgiving, and light which makes it a little deflective in crud. I would size up in this ski rather than down to get more stability and a smoother ride.” Good points there, and reiterating Carly’s experience with the longer ski being more appropriate for wider spaces and longer turns.

So many skiers would benefit from having a light, quick, and energetic carver like this all-new Atomic Maven 86 C. Whether you’re looking for your first set of skis to buy and don’t want to outgrow them in a year, or if you’re interested in a light and snappy ski for true all-mountain skiing, the Atomic Maven 86 C is a wonderful choice, and a fantastic addition to Atomic’s lineup.

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