2022 Blizzard Phoenix R13 Ca

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lengths: 145, 150, 155, 160, 165, 170 cm
radius: 13 m at 165 cm
sidecut: 125/76/105 mm at 165 cm

The all-new 2022 Blizzard Phoenix R13 Ca skis are going to make a lot of front side lady skiers quite happy. At 76 mm underfoot, these skis have the shape of a slightly wider carving ski, adding to the balance point of the ski and creating a stabler platform to stand on when you’re in said carved turn. Blizzard uses their new True Blend on-piste wood core to create the overall feeling and character of the ski, but they do it using lighter materials to make the R13 Ca quicker and more maneuverable than its more metallic counterpart. True Blend places denser wood stringers underfoot, and more flexible materials in the tips and tails, and this creates an impressive amount of edge grip in the middle of the ski while keeping the swing weight of the ski nice and low. The 3-mm rocker profile brings the camber closer to the mid-point of the ski, creating a seamless initiation and exit phase to the turn, while keeping the grip all right there under your foot, available and waiting to be brought up to speed. As the name implies, the skis generate a 13-meter turn radius in the 165 cm length, and this is bordering on a slalom-style turn, so if you’re looking to make a bunch of linked carved turns down the fall line, these are just the skis to do it on.

Rocker / Camber
Beech, Poplar
TrueBlend On-Piste, Carbon
Groomers, All Mountain

Kristi Brown skied the 155, and noted that while it was on the short side for her, it skied really well with a lighter touch. That size ski creates a shorter 11.5-meter arc, so Kristi was really making some turns out there on the hill. Her top scores were 4’s out of 5 for forgiveness and overall impression, with the rest of the scores as 3’s. A lowly 1 for flotation is fairly obvious for this front-side specialist. “The Phoenix JV ski - brilliant play as feels like Blizzard is taking a top tier ski and lightening the complexities to allow a beginner intermediate to enjoy. It definitely would be an enhancer in ability. Great beginner ski but does not look like a beginner ski!” The ease of turning has a lot to do with that beginner nature, but the performance of the ski certainly goes well beyond what an emerging carver would expect.

On the longer length, Carly Monahan noted that her 165 felt true to size and was a good length for her. She scored the ski 5 out of 5 for forgiveness, with 4’s for torsional stiffness, quickness, maneuverability, and playfulness. These are some consistently high scores for a 76-mm underfoot carving ski, and we love to see these kinds of results for skis like this. Carly notes that the Phoenix R13 Ca was “very approachable for an aspiring intermediate. Holds turns nicely but releases easily and is featherlight edge to edge.” Alli Ruschp is generally in agreement with Carly in this regard, noting that her 165 was a good length as well. She calls it an “approachable front side carving ski. When on edge it held nicely, but was a little light when hitting crud in the turn. Found them to deflect a little because of the lightness. Great for a less aggressive skier, looking to improve their turns because this ski loves to turn. Ladies that want to slow the pace by make some turns this is a great ski to improve the skills.” It’s always nice seeing adjectives like “approachable” being used more than once to describe a ski like this, as it’s kind of like that gateway ski to the more aggressive carvers that companies can put out.

There’s no shortage of great front-side skis out there these days, and the Blizzard Phoenix R13 Ca are certainly at the top of that list. Due to the ski’s ability to make lots of clean and round turns with a light weight and a wonderful ease of use, skiers from the upper-beginner to low-advanced range will find a whole lot to like about these awesome skis.

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