2022 DPS Pagoda Piste 100 C2

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lengths: 157, 165, 171, 179, 184, 189 cm
radius: 19 m at 184 cm
sidecut: 132/100/115 mm at 184 cm
price: $ 1039.00

The 2022 DPS Pagoda Piste 100 with the C2 shaping is one of the cooler carvers out there on the hill—capable of high speeds, precision carves, and even some off-piste prowess. The DPS company has been making some of the more interesting and innovative skis out there on the mountain, and it mainly comes down to their use of carbon and the specific wood laminate. In the Pagoda Piste build, the 100 C2 gets a bottom layer of aspen wood that houses an upper layer of ash. This makes for a great blend of light weight and maneuverability as well as dense and strong performance from the ash. On top and bottom, as we see from DPS, are two high-tech carbon laminates, and these deliver the real power and strength to the ski.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Ash, Aspen
Dual Carbon Laminate
All Mountain, Groomers, Powder

The C2 shaping allows the Pagoda Piste 100 to achieve higher speeds and longer carves, making it a strong on-trail performer, that loves to be pushed to the edge. By shaping and rockering the ski appropriately, the 100 C2 generates about a 19-meter turn radius which fits quite well with what they’re trying to do with this ski. Overall, the skis have about 30 percent rocker depending on length, and a resulting 70 percent effective edge. Weighing 2020 grams per ski in the 184, these skis aren’t the lightest of the bunch, but they do have quite a bit of stability and power as a result. Whether you use them exclusively on groomers or use the extra width to take them off trail, you’re going to love the blend of power and precision that you get from the C2 shaping.

Jeff Neagle skied the 179 and notes that it felt good and was a good size for him. He scored the ski 4’s out of 5 for flotation, stability, quickness, maneuverability, torsional stiffness, edge hold, versatility, and overall impression. “Pretty impressive skis. Not really what I think of when I think of DPS. To me, the RP shaping is the "traditional" DPS shape, and these C2 skis extend the sidecut into a ski that feels quite a bit different. It still feels relatively light on your feet, as most DPS skis do, but when you tip it on edge, especially on firm snow, it has a powerful feel and a bite to it that the RP skis just can't match. Pretty much limitless speed limit, especially for someone my weight. I suppose a heavier skier who's used to a heavier ski might not find it as stable at speed, or maybe just not as quiet at speed, but that's going to be a really small percentage of skiers. Holds an edge well, tracks well through choppy snow conditions, and it's a very strong ski overall. What's nice about it is it does have some of that classic DPS shape to it. The rocker and taper aren't nearly as pronounced as some of their skis, but it's still there. That means edge release is a little easier than on skis with wider tips and tails and/or less rocker, so it feels quicker and more agile when you take it off-piste into trees and other technical terrain. Not as maneuverable as the Pagoda 100 RP, but less fatiguing and easier to flick around than most of the "powerful" skis in this category.”

We’d put them more in the advanced to expert category, mainly based on stiffness and weight, although an intermediate looking to get into the all-mountain 100 mm underfoot category could do a lot worse than the Pagoda Piste 100 C2. If you’re looking for a wider all-mountain ski that carves as well as it floats, there’s a lot to like about these skis for sure.