2022 Dynastar E 4×4 5

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lengths: 156, 164, 171 cm
radius: 16 m at 164 cm
sidecut: 128/82/111 mm at 164 cm
price: $ 699.95

The 2022 Dynastar e.4x4.5 has a strange name for sure, but this 82-mm waisted ski has a lot going for it that will satisfy the needs and wants of a whole lot of lady skiers. Built with Dynastar’s Hybrid paulownia wood core, these skis contain a central chord of wood with polyurethane (PU) material on the sides. The result of this material is a smooth, stable, and damp feel to the ski, but the paulownia and the camber make it energetic still.

Rocker / Camber
Metal Laminate
Polyurethane, Powerdrive Sidewall
Groomers, All Mountain

At 82 mm underfoot, these skis have versatility built-in, allowing for skiers who spend most of their time on groomed terrain the flexibility for adventure and softer snow searching. In addition to the hybrid wood core, they also use a 3D construction that puts more emphasis on the central portion of the skis, and extending along the edges into the tips and tails, but leaving the majority of the shovel and very tail of the ski unencumbered by this additional material. This results in a lower swing weight and a more playful feel overall, allowing the ski to become more accessible and versatile to a wide variety of skiers.

Alli Ruschp skied the 164 and that worked just fine for her, noting that it skis true to size. Lots of high scores for Alli on the 4x4.5, including 5’s out of 5 for stability, quickness, maneuverability, playfulness, versatility, and overall impression. Normally we see consistently high scores like this on more of an 88-mm all-mountain ski, so it’s pretty amazing to see this in a narrower, more carving-oriented ski. Her “low” scores of 4’s out of 5 were given for flotation (not surprising), forgiveness, torsional stiffness, and edge hold. Alli states that skiing on the 4x4.5 is “like skiing on clouds. A dream ski that’s easy to turn, smooth, and playful. From start to finish, the turn is smooth and easy. Handles a variety of conditions, from soft snow all the way to ice. Holds on edge in the firm snow and is playful in the soft stuff. I was impressed by how this front-side ski handled with my strong skiing, didn’t mind being pushed or relaxed skiing.” For a ski like this and the amount of different turn shapes it’s supposed to make, Alli makes it sound like this 82 can pretty much do it all.

We’re pretty big fans of versatile front side skis like this, especially since the skier is the main winner of the equation. From short-swing carved turns to longer more soft-snow shapes, the Dynastar e.4x4.5 loves to be put to the test. At 82 mm underfoot, these skis have that blurring nature between front side and all-mountain, allowing skiers to really get the best of all worlds when it comes to versatile performance.