2022 Dynastar M-Pro 84W

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lengths: 149, 156, 163, 170 cm
radius: 14 m at 163 cm
sidecut: 122/84/105 mm at 163 cm
price: $ 399.96

Ladies looking for a fun-loving ski that doesn’t make you work too hard will love the friendly personality of the 2022 Dynastar M-Pro 84 W. Built with a poplar wood core, tip and tail rocker, and some diago fiber for strengthening, it’s a simple construction, but with a fun-loving and higher-end feel. This ski will be a lot of things to a lot of different skiers, and it’s right in the middle of a variety of stereotypes that are all good. It’s a Jill of all Trades out there on the hill—as capable and willing to carve a turn on the groomers as it is to rip through the bumps and trees with fresh snow on top.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
All Mountain, Groomers, Powder

Easy to turn and with great energy and edge hold, the M-Pro 84 W has some strong competition with skis like the Volkl Yumi and Salomon QST Myriad 85, but the intuitive nature of the M-Pro 84 W puts it in a bit of a separate league. There are so many skiers out there who should be on a ski like this, but who are on something heavier and stiffer that makes progression a bit more difficult to attain. With these skis, you are able to progress, but are unlikely to over-ski the M-Pro 84 mostly because it’s just a well-built ski with a nice shape and construction. Each year, we see skis like this impress our testers, and that’s some of the most fun we have as evaluators.

Alli Ruschp skied the 163 and noted that it skis true to size. Her scores are pretty impressive, with 4’s out of 5 given for stability, quickness, maneuverability, playfulness, torsional stiffness, edge hold, and overall impression. 3’s for versatility and flotation fill out the rest of her card, but those are some pretty high and consistent scores for a simple mid-80's ski with no metal in it. Alli states that she’s “Impressed with the stiffness of this ski. For being light weight, it's got power and stiffness in the construction that help with edge hold and smooth turns. Still light enough to be forgiving for a longer day on the hill while holding the power needed to keep skiing on the ice and crud. Tip shape allows for you to get over the crud and have a smoother ride.” That tip shape is pretty fun-loving and capable of a lot of different things, from biting into the hard snow to floating over the soft stuff. The blend and combination of light weight and stiff flex goes a long way for skiers, and it makes the ski feel like a much higher-end product.

It’s all about blending the performance, weight, and value, and skiers in the intermediate and advanced range will really get a lot of benefits from these skis. Each and every time you get on a ski that’s supposed to be a level or two below where you think you should be, and you end up being impressed with a ski, that’s not a statement about you and your skiing, but more of an attestation to the successful construction and shaping of the ski, and in this case, the Dynastar M-Pro 84 W is a sure-fire winner.