2022 Dynastar M-Pro Pro Rider

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lengths: 192 cm
radius: 27 m at 192 cm
sidecut: 132/105/122 mm at 192 cm

On the pro side of pro, the Dynastar M-Pro 105 is a fairly one-dimensional ski that’s built for a pretty singular purpose: and that’s going fast. Not just going fast, but going fast through unpredictable and variable terrain. This is a fun set of sticks for hard-charging experts who want something totally unique and different, and quite frankly, unmatched in its intended application. You know a ski has the “Pro” style of build when it only comes in a 192, and the M-Pro 105 is just that stick. When you pick them up with your hands, it’s pretty darn obvious that you are holding a high-performance piece of equipment, from the weight and the shape to the size and the flex.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Dual Titanal Laminate
3D Profile
Big Mountain, Powder, All Mountain

At 105 mm underfoot in the 192, the skis are wide enough to float through the fresh, while remaining narrow to be nimble, but really only on the feet of expert skiers. An advanced skier would have a tough time eking agility out of the 105, as it has a few things going for it that make it tough to access. First, the weight is pretty prohibitive—coming in at 2400 grams per ski—it's one of the heaviest skis out there. Built with a poplar wood core and two full titanal layers, the skis also have a 3D Profile which puts even more mass over the edges of the skis. The Poplar wood goes directly to the sidewalls, giving the ski that true, planky, 2x4 feeling that expert skiers love at higher speeds. When the 105 mm waist is paired with a 132 mm tip and a 122 mm tail, the skis generate a laser-straight 27-meter turn radius which is ideal for capturing top speeds and the utmost of stability at those speeds.

Tip and tail rocker with camber underfoot make this ski fairly well-rounded for what it is, and when you get on the M-Pro 105, you’ll know that you’re in for a treat, whether you want one or not. They have the stability of a downhill race ski combined with the flotation of a powder ski, added to the burliness of a freeride world tour competition ski. It’s a blend of all of the ruggedest ski qualities on the planet, and it really only makes sense for expert-level skiers who are looking for the pinnacle of performance in an off-trail setting. The weight, length, and stiffness of this ski make it virtually unstoppable in off-piste conditions and terrain, and skiers really need to know what they’re getting into with a ski like this—it's not just a wider version of the M-Pro 99, it’s a totally unique and different ski.

Lots of love and mad respect for those skiers out there who can tame this beast. The Dynastar M-Pro 105 stands in a class of its own—not just for the Dynastar line, but for the ski industry as a whole. There’s really not much out there that can compete, and that’s just how Dynastar and the pro skiers there want it.

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