2022 Elan Ripstick 96

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lengths: 164, 172, 180, 188 cm
radius: 18 m at 180 cm
sidecut: 136/96/110 mm
price: $ 487.49

The 2022 Elan Ripstick 96 returns unchanged this year, and will cement itself firmly in the mid-90's all-mountain range as a very competitive ski with a tremendous blend of light weight versatility and fun-loving energy. Rarely do we see a combination as effective in terms of true all-mountain performance, allowing skiers to truly tackle anything and everything that the mountain can throw at you. Built with Elan’s Tubelite wood core, the Ripstick 96 has a lighter core with two carbon tubes/rods that run the length of the sides of the ski. This is a unique use of carbon, allowing the ski to flex and be energized in a 360-degree format, increasing both torsional and longitudinal response while keeping the weight to a minimum. Also helping with the maneuverability of the ski, the Vapor Tip inserts lighten the shovel of the ski, making the Ripstick 96 an exceptional floater as well as a strong ski in the crud and chop, mostly thanks to the suspension of the ski. This ski does prefer higher edge angles in a carved turn to really activate the tails, but when you do, it’s a great rebound out of the turn and into the next.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Tubelite Wood Core
Vapor Tip, Carbon Rods
All Mountain, Groomers

On the 188, Brian Cooke noted that it was “Just right. Perfect length for me. Felt stable and not too cumbersome in tight bumps.” And that’s a great way to describe the ski in general, but noting that for a taller skier, the 188 doesn’t feel too long is a good thing to realize and understand. Like any good all-mountain ski with versatility to spare, Brian scored the Ripstick 96 all 4’s out of 5, showing the well-rounded nature of the ski, and the fact that it comes at a high end of the performance spectrum. Brian states as much in his comments as well: “4's straight through. I really liked this ski for the spring afternoon I skied them. It was playful and easy to maneuver in the bumps. It was stable enough to bust through the chop at speed and was a solid platform for getting a little air off the bumps. I assume that on hardpack this ski wouldn't be ideal but I could see it being a great east coast soft snow ski.” Good to know the merits of the ski extend into the firm snow category, and most of us have found that the ski does prefer to be on edge versus ridden flat.

Ryan Daniel skied the 180, and succinctly noted that it felt “short.” We have noticed that the Ripsticks do measure about 1.5 cm short, so this is not surprising. Like Brian, we see consistently high scores, with Ryan’s dipping into the 5’s out of 5 for stability, playfulness, forgiveness, edge grip, versatility, and overall impression, with the rest of the scores landing in the 4 range. Ryan is a very powerful skier, and notes that “This ski was an amazing ski. Pops off the bumps, carves hard. Handles anything I could throw at it. I even through it sideways at high speed in crud and she likes it.” Putting a ski to the test is a lot of fun, and it sounds like Ryan had a blast on this one. Also on the 180, Mike Anglin also noted the length was on the shorter side, stating that it “felt short. Size up.” He’s normally on a 180 in other skis, re-emphasizing the ski’s shorter feeling. More 5’s than 4’s on Mike’s card, with top marks given for playfulness, forgiveness, versatility, and overall impression. He states that the Ripstick 96 is “Totally a mean green Ripstick machine. (That's a little corny but what the hell) The incredible Hulk has a similar complexion, and if he skied, he would most likely shred with the Ripstick. Very playful and has a lot of personality in every turn shape. No terrain or condition should hamper the performance of this ski. Intermediate to expert dude bros would love these Ripsticks. Still incorporating the Amphid(sp?) technology which I had no idea was still around till clicking out of the skis. Right ski belongs on right foot......left ski on left foot. Sure to feel it more on firmer snow.” Yup, read the skis, and you’ll be all set.

Fun, playful, and light, the Elan Ripstick 96 is a true all-mountain weapon. We had some bigger and more powerful skiers on these skis, and they all felt like the ski was strong and sturdy, even with the weight, and I think that has a lot to do with the use of the carbon tubes and the Amphibio technology. Very smooth and intuitive, these Ripsticks are all about fun.