2022 Head Kore 90 X

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lengths: 156, 163, 170, 177 cm
radius: 14.7 m at 170 cm
sidecut: 130/91/113 mm at 170 cm

The Head Kore 90 X is a new model for 2022, borrowing a lot of technology and applications from the existing Kore line, and adding some features and benefits of its own to make this an amazing choice for advancing skiers who are looking for something all-mountain with a wider shape and a more forgiving flex. One of the tough things about skis like the Kore 87 or 93 is that they’re quite stiff, and a bit prohibitive for intermediates, at least in terms of accessing the full potential and performance of the ski. This is where the 90 X comes in to play, as bridging the gap for skiers who are looking for a Kore, but want something a tad more forgiving and user-friendly. Built with a karuba wood core and a graphene strip, the Kore 90 X has the light weight needed for quickness and agility, with the graphene adding stiffness and energy to give you good snap and pop out of the turn. At 90 mm underfoot, the skis are right in the sweet spot for a true all-mountain ski shape. Wide enough to provide a good and solid balance platform as well as to accommodate for softer and more variable snow conditions, while also being narrow enough to hold an edge on firmer snow when needed. Falling into neither the powder category nor the carving one, the 2022 Head Kore 90 X splits the middle of a lot of different skier types and characteristics.

Rocker / Camber
Karuba Wood Core
Groomers, All Mountain

Benny Wax was on the 177 and noted that it “Skied a little long. Would recommend shorter length. Really fun in the soft corduroy! Not so nice on the firm terrain.” The 170 might be a better fit for him in this ski as a result. Benny scored the ski top marks of 4’s out of 4 for flotation, stability, forgiveness, torsional stiffness, and edge hold, with the rest of his scores as 3’s. These are some consistent scores, and that’s what Head is looking for when it comes to their all-mountain and well-rounded skis. Benny states that these skis “are fantastic for intermediate skiers who are looking to expand their repertoire out there on the hill. Wider than most other intermediate all-mountain skis, these have a good amount of energy to them and were a lot of fun on the groomers. Expert skiers and more aggressive skiers might find them to be on the flexible side, but that’s okay. Good bump ski.” Benny loves his bumps, so we’ll take his word for it in that category for sure.

Matt McGinnis was also on the 177, and states that it was true to size. Like Benny, we see all 3’s and 4’s on Matt’s scorecard, with the top marks of 4 given for flotation, quickness, maneuverability, forgiveness, playfulness, and versatility. All other categories got 3’s, so we’re seeing those consistent scores shine through once again. “This ski strikes me as the perfect fit for a specific niche: the beginner or intermediate skier who wants an all-mountain ski willing to introduce them to on-trail powder. Overall, the words I would use to describe these skis would be “light weight” and “flexible”. Due to these two traits, I found the skis easy to overpower, especially in these conditions. But, that said, they were also incredibly easy to ski and held an edge well. Plus, with their width, it’s safe to say that they’d be a decent choice for softer snow. Overall, I’d recommend these to new skiers who want to learn what it’s like to ski powder when it’s available. I wouldn’t however recommend them to any skiers who ski with force as they’d likely find themselves overpowering them.” A place for everything, and everything in its place would be a good way to describe the target audience for these skis, we’d say.

Emerging skiers looking for their first pair of all-mountain skis will love the overall performance of the 2022 Head Kore 90 X skis. With a great blend of versatility and poise, these skis will satisfy the needs of a wide variety of skiers, from those who are purchasing their first pair to a seasoned veteran who’s looking for something simple, easy, and confidence-inspiring.

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