2022 Head Kore 91 W

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lengths: 149, 156, 163, 170 cm
radius: 14.7 m at 170 cm
sidecut: 130/91/113 mm at 170 cm
price: $ 291.75

The 2022 Head Kore 91 W is a short-turning expert ski that loves to be engaged and in a turn. The most impressive thing about these skis is their strength to weight ratio. For something this light, these skis are impossibly stiff. In the 170 cm length, these skis measure 91 mm underfoot, and that’s a fantastic width for most all-mountain skiing, and has a wonderful use in the front side as well. Built with a blend of karuba and poplar wood in the core of the Kore, these skis have a great blend of power and light weight, allowing for the skier to really have some strong influence in the performance of the ski. But, they’re not done yet! They also add in two sheets of fiberglass and two carbon laminates. The carbon laminate on top is curved to match the shape of the ski, creating a three-dimensional shape in the process. When carbon laminates are shaped, they get a lot stronger and more reactive, so we’re seeing a lot more power and energy out of these Kore skis than we have in the past. In addition, tighter sizing spacing makes a lot of sense, as these now break every 7 cm versus 9 cm from previous years. The end result of all of these upgrades is that the skier gets a better product, and we’re all about that.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Karuba and Poplar Wood Core
Multilayer Carbon Sandwich Cap
All Mountain, Groomers

Ann MacDonald was a big fan of her 170 cm test length, noting it skis true to size and was a good one for her. Some pretty high scores from Ann on the Kore 91 W, with high scores of 5’s out of 5 for torsional stiffness, edge grip, quickness, and maneuverability. We are not surprised to see these scores, as that’s what the Kore skis are all about, especially in the narrower widths. 4’s covered the rest of Ann’s scorecard, showing a high-performance character and a favorable overall impression. Ann states that the Kore 91 W is a “Lively ski, very dynamic! Super on quick radius turns but easily carves big GS turns too making it pretty versatile. Skied its length, which I like! Not overly rockered at tip. Might be a little stiff for some especially in moguls. Good for aggressive intermediate to advanced ripping chicks!” We have found with these Kore skis that if you do size up, they become slightly more compliant in the moguls, and since they’re still very light, they don’t lose a whole lot in terms of maneuverability.

On the other end of the impression spectrum, this ski was not quite Danielle Nichols’ cup of tea, and that’s okay! It was on the short side for her, and she noted that the skis “were a lot better in a short-turn shape, but I didn’t feel very comfortable in longer turns. Felt a bit stiff for me in this size.” Lower scores of 2’s out of 5 dotted her scorecard, and these are always interesting things to see, as Ann and Danielle are quite similar skiers in terms of technique. Kristi Brown’s feedback lies somewhere in the middle. She was also on the 170 which was proper for her. She notes that “The Kore 91 skis best when given the reigns over to perform & ski as it wishes best. Feels more like a one trick pony, not easy to make small radius turns and easily over powered. The Kore 91 is a Laid-Back Lady - does not demand much, rather ski & look pretty enjoying the day. Intermediate skier looking for a ski to take her to the next level.”

Pretty cool to see three very accomplished skiers have three very different impressions of these Kore 91 W’s. The light weight can throw some skiers off, especially if they’re expecting it to be something other than it is. Skiers looking for that narrower all-mountain ski in a stiffer flex and a lighter weight will definitely gravitate to the upgraded 2022 Head Kore 91 W.