2022 Kastle DX 85 W

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lengths: 144, 152, 160, 168 cm
radius: 12.5 m at 152 cm
sidecut: 126/85/109

The Kastle DX 85 W is a great option for ladies who are looking for a reliable and predictable ski for both on and off-trail skiing. At 85 mm underfoot, these skis have a versatile and well-rounded shape that will take them to new levels of carving the groomers and navigating the off-piste. Whether you stay on groomers for the rest of your life or try to avoid them like the plague, the DX 85 W has the build, shape, and profile to get you where you need to be in the sport of skiing. In terms of construction, the skis get the total Kastle treatment when it comes to precision and quality. They use poplar and beech stringers, laid vertically among each other for a fantastic blend of stiff longitudinal flex and appropriate torsional stiffness. This type of high-end build is typical of Kastle, and the quality in which they build their wood cores is second to none. They add two sheets of fiberglass to the mix, and this adds the energy and pop that skiers have come to love and appreciate about Kastle skis. This does make them stiff, and advanced and expert skiers who are looking for something that matches their skills will really enjoy the power and precision of the DX 85 W. More rounded than square in the tips and tails, the shape and profile of this ski lean more to the all-mountain side of the spectrum, and this is great news for skiers who enjoy a strong carver that can also perform in steeps, bumps, trees, or other off-piste areas. Very well rounded, the DX 85 W is here to please a new generation of strong lady skiers.

Rocker / Camber
Fir and Beech Wood Core
Fiberglass Laminate
All Mountain, Groomers

Lexi Hildreth was on the 168, and she found it to be a bit long, and that may have skewed her perspective on the skis just a little bit, so we’ll take it with a grain of salt that she had some low scores for overall impression. She did find them to be stiff, both longitudinally and torsionally, noting that they “Felt like lead sticks on my feet. Did not like! Hard to test a ski like that in these conditions, would be best for icy days where you need to really lay an edge. Heavy skis, best suited for a skier who wants a lot of stability and has excellent technique.” When skis have multiple layers of fiberglass, that does add epoxy to the mix, and that’s a pretty heavy material. Overall, they’re not relatively heavy, but weight on a scale and weight on your feet are two totally different things.

Nifer Hoehn skied the 168 as well and noted it was true to size and a good length for her. She states that “The Kastle DX85 is a really nice and consistent groomer ski and would be a good contender for someone looking for a front-side ski that is easy to maneuver. They are not precise or exacting, I found the tail would get a bit slippery coming out of some turns, and they aren't super powerful either. But they are stable, consistent, and make lovely turns without demanding too much from you as a skier.” Her top scores were 4’s out of 5 for stability, quickness, maneuverability, torsional stiffness, and edge grip, so she felt that the build was pretty good for what the ski was designed to do. While not the most precise skis in Nifer’s mind, the consistency seemed to stand out, and that’s really what Kastle is going for here.

In addition to Kastle’s outstanding reputation for quality, they also get high marks for making solid, comfortable, and high-performance skis that a lot of skiers love. These DX 85 W’s have a whole lot going for them in both the versatility and the on-piste department, and it makes a lot of sense that consistency and predictability are two of the main factors that these skis possess. From top to bottom, and start to finish, the well-rounded DX 85 W loves to ski hard.

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