2022 Liberty Evolv 90w

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lengths: 151, 158, 165, 172 cm
radius: 14 m at 158 cm
sidecut: 132/90/115 mm at 158 cm

The Liberty Evolv 90 W is a fantastic choice for ladies who love ripping around the whole mountain. It’s a crowded field of skis in the 88-90 mm range, and there are a whole lot of good options. The Liberty Evolv 90 W stands out mostly because of the construction, but there’s also some interesting things with shaping that make it unique and totally interesting. Built with Liberty’s VMT 3.0 construction, the skis get a blend of poplar, bamboo, and paulownia wood, with three vertical metal stringers sandwiched between the poplar. This gives the ski its strength and stability, while the paulownia and bamboo create a light, energetic, and unique feel. The addition of the third strut is new for this year, and it brings the overall performance of the Evolv 90 W to the next level. With minimal taper shape and rocker profile, these skis have more of an on-trail personality than some of the others with more of a freeride influence in a narrower shape—these Evolv 90 W’s stand on their own.

Rocker / Camber
Bamboo, Poplar, and Paulownia Wood Core
3 Vertical Metal Struts
Carbon Fiber
All Mountain, Groomers

On the 165, Lexi Hildreth notes that it’s true to size, and scored the ski a top mark of 5 out of 5 for stability. 4’s are the next up for flotation, quickness, maneuverability, torsional stiffness, edge hold, versatility, and overall impression. While we did have beautiful and sunny testing weather, the snow was on the spring-like side for sure, so we didn’t get that true mid-winter snow, and Lexi has some feelings about that: “Would love to try this ski on a packed-powder day. It’s an awesome all-mountain ski that’s best for advanced intermediates to advanced skiers. Nice and stable!” With that third metal strut, we are seeing a new level of stability in this ski, and it makes a lot of sense for that upper-level skier, especially with the more flexible and lighter paulownia in the core. Allison Kozar was a fan of her 165 cm test length, and she gave the ski all 5’s out of 5 with the exception of a 4 for overall impression. She calls the ski “Super fun! Pretty surprised with this ski having never skied the brand before.” That Liberty feeling is definitely pretty rare and unique, especially in a ski this shape with its intended application.

Kristi Brown’s 154 “felt short,” so she gave top scores of 5 out of 5 for quickness, maneuverability, and playfulness, with 4’s for stability, forgiveness, torsional stiffness, edge hold, versatility, and overall impression. The lone 3 for flotation isn’t that shocking, as there’s more appropriate skis for powder out there for sure. Kristi notes that “The Liberty Evolv 90 W is a ski happy ski. I was smiling and singing at first turns as I danced down the hill. The Evolv 90 has a zippy beat, that gets you into the groove right away. The Evolv 90 performs as colorfully playful as her beautiful graphics! Easily enjoyed for all conditions for advanced intermediate and advanced skier looking to rip around the whole mountain.” It’s great that the fun-loving attitude of Liberty as a brand gets noticed in their more all-mountain range, and as a smaller company, having that filter down is a very good thing for brand consistency.

In a somewhat saturated market for the best 88-90 mm underfoot all-mountain ski, there are a lot of heavy hitters. Some have a lot of metal, and some have none, and others have some metal placed in different spots. The shape varies a lot as well, and these Liberty Evolv 90 W’s have an interesting and unique way of building their version of the all-mountain crusher, and it manages to stand out in a very positive way.

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