2022 Rossignol Nova 10 Ti

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lengths: 153, 160, 167 cm
radius: 13 m at 160 cm
sidecut: 123/74/109 mm at 160 cm

Short, easy turns are the hallmarks of the 2022 Rossignol Nova 10 Ti women's skis. Following a strong showing last year with front-side carving enthusiasts, the 74-mm waisted Nova 10 has more of a recreational slalom feel to it than anything else. Skiers who are looking to perfect the carved turn and not be rocketed from carve to carve will love the easier-going Nova 10. Make no mistake, these skis with their titanal laminate make for a stable and smooth ride. Best for upper-level intermediates and advanced skiers who prefer a narrower ski, the Nova 10 has a 13-meter turn radius at the 160-cm length. This is a pretty tight arc, and since there's minimal rocker and taper, it's fairly precise from tip to tail. While more experienced skiers can make it turn in the bumps or trees, it's really better suited for clean groomers. With Rossignol's Line Control Technology, Poplar wood core, and a Boost Flex profile, these Nova 10's are ready to rip. Lighter in the tips and tails thanks to that Boost Flex, the skis are efficient at funneling energy to the edges of the skis where it matters. This leads to a natural and instinctive flex and energy coming out of the ski. You're going to feel like you're a much better skier thanks to the energy and response from the Nova 10. Our testers were all pretty pleasantly surprised with the quick carving and pleasant nature of the Nova 10, and a lot of intermediate to advanced skiers who spend most or all of their time on groomers will be stoked as well.

Dual Titanal Laminate
LCT Soft
Groomers, All Mountain

Alli Ruschp skied the 160 and noted it was true to size. We see a greater variance with the scores on these more one-dimensional skis, with Alli scoring the Nova 10 5's out of 5 for overall impression, torsional stiffness, edge hold, quickness, maneuverability, and stability. A low score of 2 out of 5 for flotation and a 3 for versatility are not terribly surprising. "Absolutely love this front side carving ski. Handles a range of turn shape while primarily being a quick edge to edge ski with a shorter radius. Geared for an advanced lady, ski with confidence and style, love the black and gold top sheet, very classy. Smooth, stable ride. This ski is for a high level lady looking to stay on groomed trails."

Also on the 160, Nifer Hoehn notes that it's too short, but that was the longest option. She's got a slalom background, so it's likely just fine for making the kind of turns that it's supposed to. She scored the Nova 10 top marks of 4 out of 5 for overall impression, torsional stiffness, edge hold, quickness, maneuverability, and stability, with 3's covering the rest of the card. "This ski is a more aggressive all mountain women's ski that responds well to and requires a little more oomph than a lot of the others I tested this morning. I would recommend it for a strong, confident skier, and for someone looking for her skis to give back (aren't all women?), but it's also versatile enough, that you don't need to be all those things to enjoy skiing it. It's a powerful and energetic carving ski, but not heavy or stiff, and is a lot of fun on groomers. Once you pressure the front to initiate the turn, it comes right around, but is also forgiving - there's room for imperfection. I mean all of that as a compliment because I like putting in a little effort for my fun. As far as the graphics go, I would not buy these based on the cover. Rossignol needs to put a little more effort in on the sheets of their women's skis. I think they were trying to go for classic and subdued, but it's a big miss. Jazz these babies up, looks-wise, they deserve it!"

At the end of the day, it's all about having fun, and if making shorter, more precise turns is your vision of fun, then the Rossignol Nova 10 is a fantastic option. Quick, agile, and a fantastic carving ski, these Novas have a whole lot of good going for them, and that's great news for front-side enthusiasts.

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