2022 Stockli Laser MX

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lengths: 146, 152, 158, 164 cm
radius: 12.6 m at 158 cm
sidecut: 118/67/99 mm at 158 cm

The Stockli Laser MX is the first ever Laser ski designed exclusively for women. Stockli has built a precision carving ski, but with a softer flex pattern and a lighter weight than most competitors. They start with a lightweight wood core that’s sandwiched between two full sheets of metal. The lighter feel is notably impressive considering those two sheets of metal, something Stockli is particularly good at in their manufacturing process. Turtle Grip technology is applied to the metal laminates, which is an extremely interesting construction technique. Specifically engineered cut-outs in the titanal allow for slightly less torsional stiffness at slower speeds and lower edge angles. That gives the ski a more forgiving, more supple feel when cruising around and not charging. When you increase speed and edge angle, the cut-outs interlock and provide all the torsional stiffness and edge grip necessary for more aggressive skiing. It’s a really cool piece of technology that essentially gives the ski a split personality. The shape is specifically geared towards firm snow, frontside performance. The 67 mm waist width is exceptionally quick edge to edge and the ski has a long effective edge, no major rocker or early taper. Instead, Stockli uses what they call Adaptive Contact Length, a shape designed to increase effective edge length as you increase edge angle. It works hand in hand with Turtle Grip. The harder you push it, the more grip you get.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Light Core
Turtle Grip
Turtle Shell, Softflex
Groomers, All Mountain

Nifer Hoehn skied the 158 cm length in the Laser MX. There’s a longer option that comes in at 174 cm, but Nifer didn’t specifically say she would’ve liked to size up, rather that the 158 skied true to size and felt just right. We’re sure Nifer could ski the longer length at her ability level, but it’s nice to know she didn’t feel like she needed to go longer. 5 out of 5 scores from Nifer for stability and torsional stiffness/edge grip, which in our opinion, are two of the most important criteria for assessing a frontside carving ski. Her lowest scores were for flotation, forgiveness, and versatility, all earning 3 out of 5 scores, but luckily none of those things are major concerns for a ski like this. 67 mm isn’t going to float and isn’t particularly versatile either, but that’s okay, that’s not what this ski is designed for. “I wish I had been able to test these on a harder surface, because these skis rip. I would recommend these for a strong intermediate to advanced skier looking to feel like you are literally tearing up the trails. They are a bundle of energy, you might as well have an engine, and they respond like a dream when you add a little pressure. If you have any racing background, this is a ski that will make you feel like you're on your old slalom boards. They work best while making short turns, perform well at speed and hold an edge like a dream. Oh, also, they will definitely make you smile.” We like that Nifer compared them to a slalom race ski as realistically, they’re very close to a slalom race ski. The length that Nifer skied has a 12.6 m turn radius, which is only a fraction longer than their FIS slalom ski.

Carly Monahan also skied the 158 cm length and she too thought it skied true to size. Carly was most impressed by how approachable and forgiving the Laser MX feels while still achieving a precise feel with lots of edge grip. Her highest scores were for quickness/maneuverability and torsional stiffness/edge grip, both earning full 5 out of 5 marks. Forgiveness, playfulness, and overall impression were right behind at 4 out of 5. “Great gateway carver for a lightweight or smaller skier. Was really impressed by how light these were. Like feathers! Very nimble and easy to steer.” Between the feedback from Nifer and Carly, it’s painting a picture of a high-end ski without the demanding feel that often comes along with precision carving skis. We often talk about Stockli and what makes their skis more expensive than others. In this case, a lot of the value is held in that combination of edge grip and precision with a relatively forgiving feel.

The Laser MX is definitely a dedicated carving ski. It’s best for someone who will be using it on trail at least 90% of the time. 67 mm is a little too narrow to take off trail into softer snow conditions, so not the best choice if you’re looking for a true all-mountain ski. Skiers who are specifically looking for a frontside ski and especially one with a preference for quick turns and a lot of energy, however, will absolutely love the Laser MX. As a reminder, even though this is the only women’s specific Laser, there’s no reason why a woman can’t ski any of the other models if you’re looking for longer lengths, longer turn radii, etc.

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