2022 Volkl Bash 86 W

lengths: 148, 156, 164, 172 cm
radius: 17 m at 156 cm
sidecut: 120/86/110 mm at 156 cm

Light, quick, and incredibly fun, the 2022 Volkl Bash 86 W returns unchanged for this year, and for fans of freestyle and all-mountain versatility, this is a good thing. Whether you're an aspiring competitive park skier or just love cruising around in the trees and bumps, the Bash 86 is a surprisingly agile and versatile ski. Built with Volkl's multi-layer wood core consisting of Poplar and beech wood, the skis have a really nice energy and snap to them. Fiberglass laminate keeps it all cohesive and adds some strength, but other than that, it's a pretty simple build. Sometimes those simple builds allow for a very well-rounded ski. Mostly sidewall underfoot, the skis have better than expected edge grip and control. In the tips and tails, the skis turn into a full cap ski, increasing the quickness by lowering the swing weight. With a length-dependent turn radius, we see a range from 14.8 in the 148 to a 21-meter arc in the 172. This makes the ski easier to fine-tune for skiers who are of different sizes and abilities. Tip and tail rocker make the ski float and smear better, and for park skiers who are working on their buttering skills, these have the flex and shape to really hone those tricks. As a twin tip, you're getting a lot of versatility in terms of where and how you want to ski these.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Center Sidewall
Park, All Mountain, Powder

I love them because in the woods, you're able to back out of tricky spots, and that's especially true for here in Vermont with the tight trees. At 86 mm underfoot, the skis are very quick and easy to turn, so they'll appeal to a broad range of skiers, from intermediates to lighter weight experts. As a bigger skier, I was not expecting the ski to hold up to my weight and aggressiveness, but was incredibly impressed with the snap and energy coming out of the turn. While I'd want a bit more substance for my every day ski, it's a great option for skiing with my kids, especially when following them through the tight woods and glades. Great in bumps, the Bash 86 is quick and flexible and able to keep up with the fastest zipper lines you can find.

On the 172, Lauren Lepage found the skis to be a bit long for her, but still quick and agile. On a shorter length, she'd likely have more success, especially in an all-mountain application. "The Bash 86 was a very playful ski and is offered at a fantastic price point-you really get a lot of value here. That's kind of mirrored in the way they ski-nothing too fancy, but I had a lot of fun with it nonetheless. I would like to try a shorter size." Not only is it the length that Lauren is feeling here, but that the size she was on did have a 21-meter radius, which is likely longer than most women's skis these days.

For the ultimate in playful, freestyle fun, the value-oriented Volkl Bash 86 W is a fantastic choice. For that tweener in your family who wants to ski park as well as all-mountain terrain, this ski should definitely be on the list. For what it is, it's actually very impressive.