2022 Volkl Blaze 94 W

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lengths: 151, 158, 165, 172 cm
radius: 23/13/21 m at 158 cm
sidecut: 134/94/116 mm at 158 cm
price: $ 281.21

The Volkl Blaze 94 W was introduced for the 2020/21 season as a lightweight all-mountain ski with superb maneuverability and a ton of versatility. Volkl uses a Hybrid Multilayer wood core in the Blaze 94 which uses varying density wood alongside a synthetic material, which increases vibration damping. We also get a Titanal Binding Platform, which increases binding retention while also giving the ski a little more power underfoot. Rounding out construction is Volkl’s Suspension Tips and Tails, in which rubber is integrated into the tip and tail of the ski to further reduce any unwanted chatter. The shape of the ski features tip and tail rocker and camber underfoot. The rocker is relatively long for a ski in this width range, but there’s not a lot of splay. We also get Volkl’s 3D. Radius, which uses longer radii in the tips and tails and a shorter radius underfoot, allowing for a plethora of different turn shapes and styles.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Hybrid Multi-Layer
Titanal Binding Platform
Suspension Tips and Tails
All Mountain, Powder, Groomers

Lexi Hildreth did something that always catches our eye. She scored the Blaze 94 4 out of 5 for every single category. Any time we see consistently high scores like that, it’s a sign that tester thought it was a very well-rounded ski. Lexi skied the 158 cm length, which she thought was slightly short for her size, but that it skied true to size. “Really fun and playful ski! It’s lightweight and forgiving. Confidence inspiring for intermediate skiers, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to more advanced skiers either. I felt like it skied really well, especially in the softer spring conditions. I would ski it again for sure!” Confidence inspiring for an intermediate is always a nice characteristic in a ski, and as we’ve seen from 2 years of testing now, experts can enjoy it too. Take Pascale Savard for example, a high level skier with tremendous technique. Pascale skied that same 158 cm length, which she did mention was a little short for her, but she still awarded the Blaze 94 the same scores as Lexi, straight 4 out of 5 across the board. “Sadly this ski was a little short for my taste but I loved it just the same. It felt livelier than one would expect a 94 would. Soft enough for the bump, burly enough for the heavy snow. I’d ski that ski myself as my all mtn ski at Stowe.” Saying you would choose a ski for your own personal skiing is perhaps the biggest compliment any of our testers ever dish out.

Danielle Nichols opted for the 172 cm length, which she thought was “just right” for her size. Danielle has a lot of experience on longer skis, and is another skier with fantastic technique. Guess what? Another set of 4 out of 5 scores from Danielle! Consistency, we like it! “I skied this a couple weeks ago on hard snow and loved it. It was equally as playful and fun in the soft bumps. Great all around ski for an intermediate advanced skier that likes to ski all terrain.” It’s super valuable that Danielle was able to ski the Blaze 94 in a variety of conditions. It’s not the most powerful or precise ski on firm snow, but as Danielle can attest, it can hold its own. Lauren Lepage skied the 158 cm, and she noted that she liked that length for her size and ability level. We saw even higher scores from Lauren, with flotation, stability, quickness/maneuverability, versatility, and overall impression all earning 5 out of 5. “The ski gripped on turns to provide the stability that I want, while linking effortless quick turns. An extremely fun All Mountain Ski, loved it!” Lastly, Alix Klein, who skied the same 172 cm length as Danielle, had some advice on how the Blaze likes to be skied. “There was a lot of tip to this ski and if you are not super forward the tip starts to flop. This ski comes alive if you're very forward and going fast.” A nice reminder to keep your weight forward!

All our testers on the Blaze 94 had a lot of good things to say about it. It’s versatile for a wide range of terrain and conditions, and it’s also versatile for a wide range of ability levels. Something that didn’t necessarily come up among our testers, but that is certainly true about the Blaze 94, is the idea that it can also be a perfectly capable touring ski. Slap a binding on it like the Marker Duke PT and you’ve got a binding that can take you from the resort to the backcountry and back again.