2022 Volkl Yumi 84

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lengths: 147, 154, 161, 168 cm
radius: 19/14/17 m at 161 cm
sidecut: 125/84/107 mm at 161 cm
price: $ 307.46

The Volkl Yumi 84 is a superbly versatile all-mountain ski that feels right at home on groomers, but can take you on some off-trail adventures too. It’s intended to be an approachable ski for intermediate level skiers, but also something that will satisfy more accomplished, more advanced skiers. Volkl uses an impressive mix of technology in the Yumi 84. Their classic Multi-Layer wood core is supported by Glass Frame technology, which is lighter and has more of an energetic flex pattern than heavier Volkl skis that use Titanal Frame. We also get Volkl’s 3D.Radius design. The tips and tails of the Yumi 84 have longer turn radii, with a tighter radius underfoot. This allows for different turn shapes and gives the skier the ability to even manipulate carving turn radius. By using longer radii in the tips and tails, Volkl also gives the Yumi 84 a more forgiving, less catchy feel in softer snow and more challenging terrain.

Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Titanal Binding Platform
Glass Frame
All Mountain, Groomers, Powder

Nifer Hoehn is a great tester to put on the Yumi 84. She spends a lot of time on heavier, more aggressive skis, so it’s nice to find out if it can live up to her expectations. Nifer tested the 161 cm length, which she felt was a little short for her, but also noted that it skis true to size. Lots of 4 out of 5 scores from Nifer, including stability, quickness/maneuverability, playfulness, versatility, and overall impression. “The Yumi's are fun, light, playful, and just downright yummy. This might be the most versatile of the women's skis I tested in many ways. Because of Volkl's 3D sidecut, these are just as comfortable making bigger turns at high speed as they are ripping slalom turns in tight spots. In addition, the dimensions make them capable of handling a variety of conditions and terrain comfortably. These would handle well in powder, be fun making wide turns on some fresh corduroy, and be a dream in some tight off-piste. I'm not done! Their ease of use makes them an ideal ski for my 80-year-old mother or a strong advanced female skier looking to load them up and let them go. They are easy to initiate, solid underfoot, and playful. If you're looking for one ski to do it all, let me introduce you.” That’s a fantastic assessment of the Yumi 84 from Nifer and we love the idea that both her and her 80-year-old Mom can both get on it and enjoy it!

Alix Klein tested the 154 cm length. She too mentioned that length was a little short for her, but like Nifer, noted that it does ski true to size. “While this ski did not feel stable for me at high speeds, it had a beautiful turn arch and was a joy to ski. It turned easily and got on edge quickly. It was playful in its turns and made me feel like a great skier! I enjoyed making medium radius turns.” Fun, playful turns and a confidence-inspiring nature is a great combination in a ski! We’ve felt this way about the Yumi (and men’s Kanjo) skis for a few years now, but it’s always nice getting a new tester on them to re-confirm our notions. Lexi Hildreth is another skier who had never been on the Yumi 84 before our test. 5 out of 5 scores from Lexi for both quickness/maneuverability and playfulness, with forgiveness, versatility, and overall impression right behind earning 4 out of 5 scores. Lexi tested the 161 cm length, and she thought that length worked perfect for her. “I was surprised by this ski and it exceeded my expectations. It slashed through all the spring bumps and was quick and easily maneuverable. Lightweight and perfect all mountain ski for intermediate to advanced intermediate skiers!”

It's relatively common for skiers to look past the Yumi to heavier, more aggressive skis like the Kenja 88 and Secret 96. We see it on the men’s side too, with the Kanjo 84 not receiving as much buzz as the Kendo 88 or M6 Mantra. The reality is, however, that a ton of skiers would actually benefit more from the Yumi 84 than those heavier skis. It’s still a supportive, responsive ski, in fact in many ways it’s more responsive than the heavier models. You can still ski it relatively aggressively and it will make some strong carving turns. On the other hand, it’s lighter, it’s less fatiguing, and it’s a more user-friendly, forgiving ride, which should be beneficial for intermediates and even less aggressive advanced/expert skiers.