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2022 Volkl Kendo 88 Skis w/ Tyrolia Attack2 13 GW Bindings
2022 Volkl Kendo 88 Skis w/ Salomon STH2 WTR 13 Bindings
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I'm looking at the Kendo 88 skis. Do they come with bindings on, waxed and sharpened?
Question by: John W Maloney on Nov 24, 2021, 6:31 PM
Hello John,

Thanks for your inquiry-

Yes, this package will come with a free binding mount when you give us your boot make, model and size. Skis are factory tuned and waxed and ready to go.

Answer by: Dave Hatoff on Nov 26, 2021, 10:40 AM
1.) do you recommend to wait for the new Voelk Kendo 2023 or buy the reduced 2022 modell?
2.) if you recommend to wait, at what cost will be the new Modell available and when?

Question by: Tim on Mar 1, 2022, 3:35 PM
HI Tim!
It's an improvement, but not a huge leap. Kendo skiers will like the difference, but it's more subtle. Shorter arc, a bit more responsive and energetic, and slightly lighter than the older Kendo, the 2023 is a more fun ski, but not by a huge amount. We currently have 170, 177, and 184's in stock of the new 2023 skis.
Answer by: SkiEssentials Expert on Mar 2, 2022, 5:13 PM
Hi there! I was wondering if you could help me decide between the 2022 or 2023 Volkl Kendo 88 vs. the 2022 or 2023 Volkl Mantra M6. I'm 5'6", about 135lbs, and a fairly advanced skier (though not what I would consider expert). To give an idea, I was a part time children's ski instructor (Level 1 PSIA certified) for about 6 years at a small-ish mountain in NE PA (Elk Mtn.), but stopped about 6-7 seasons ago. I can comfortably do single black diamonds at speed though aren't as good at moguls as I would like to be. i prefer the feeling of smooth, flow-y carving, though am also pretty good at short radius turns to control my speed on steep pitches. I currently ski on 2012 Dynastar Outland 75 XT skis (156cm length) with Lange RS 90 SC boots.

Given that info, what would you recommend as a one-ski-quiver replacement for upstate NY/east coast? (I do go out west every once in awhile, but have no issues renting more appropriate skis instead of bringing my own.) Having skied with 75mm underfoot and only 156cm length for so long, I'm not sure what width/length I should consider or would be most happy with. I see that the 2023 Kendo 88s differ from the 2022 model in that they inherited a lot of the technology improvements from the 2022 Mantra M6. Are there any changes to the 2023 Mantra M6s compared to the 2022 model (it's not clear to me). Of the four skis here, how would you rank them in terms of value/fun for the $$$?

Thanks in advance!
Question by: Vincent on Mar 5, 2022, 12:52 PM
HI Vincent!
I'd go with the Kendo. Mantra remains the same for 2023. If you're in the east most of the time and are looking for one ski to do it all, even the western trip, the Kendo is pretty nice. The Mantra comes in handy for skiers that know they want a wider platform to stand on, but if you value a more precise feel and a better choice for tight trees, bumps, and quicker turns, the Kendo is the way to go. I prefer the 2023 version to the older one, but not by a whole lot--it's got a bit more accessibility to it due to the lighter swing weight and slightly shorter turn radius. Have fun!
Answer by: SkiEssentials Expert on Mar 7, 2022, 9:15 AM
Ive decided that i want to get a pair of Kendo 88s but im back and forth on size. I have an old pair of Head 163s which are heavy double layer metal with almost no tail rocker now, so i feel as though they ski long but they are on the short side for me. Im 5'10 and weigh 200. In my mind id like the 177s for the high speed control but am afraid of a long ski while at the same time want something that allows me to grow as a skier as i do not intend on buying new skis for awhile once i get these. Im an advanced-intermediate skier. Do you think 177 or 170 is better?
Question by: John on Mar 15, 2022, 2:35 PM
HI John!
I think when skiers are hesitant about going to the longer size, that's for a good reason. The skis are stable, you do not need to go longer to get the performance. I think you'll be happier overall in the 170. Also, the jump from 163 to 177 is significant. Have fun!
Answer by: SkiEssentials Expert on Mar 16, 2022, 8:02 AM
So I'm the last guy on the mountain with old straight skis I bought back in high school (190s). I'm now 5'9, 155lbs, skiing frontside in the East. Probably Level 7. This will be the only pair of skis I use (and hopefully will get many years out of them). Can you suggest a length?
Question by: Taylor on Mar 18, 2022, 5:36 PM
HI Taylor!
Not so fast! I still love my straight skis from 1997. I'd suggest 170, but a lot of skiers coming from longer skiers may wince at that number. If you're concerned, I don't think the 177 will be too long. Have fun!
Answer by: SkiEssentials Expert on Mar 21, 2022, 10:32 AM
Hi guys,
I have the 2022 Blizzard Brahma 82s with Tyrolia bindings in my cart (187s). No I am looking at the Volkl Kendo 88 (184s) with the same Tyrolia bindings. $$ difference is minor. Need some help!
I am 60 yrs old, 6'6" 235 lbs, been skiing since I was 10. I would say I am still a Advanced Intermediate. I ski both Utah & Vermont.
I have rented both over the last 2 years and liked both.
Which should I choose?
Question by: Kevin Kelly on Mar 31, 2022, 3:59 PM
Hi Kevin!
I would say that if you wanted to get off the piste a little more while still retaining performance on groomers then the Kendo will be the better option of the two. If you like skiing nothing but groomers and hardpack all day then the Brahma 82 will be the way to go. Its really going to come down to how you split your time on the mountain.
Answer by: Chris McClelland on Apr 1, 2022, 2:44 PM
Hi Bob - How does the Kanjo 84 compare to the Kendo 88 in terms of the bumps? I stay in the bumps most of the time. Also, how does each compare to off-piste?
Question by: Eric on Apr 23, 2022, 2:06 AM
Hi Eric!

The Kanjo is the softer ski of the two and weighs less overall so I would say the Kanjo is the better bump ski. The Kendo is still a capable bump ski, but does not have the same level of maneuverability as the Kanjo.

Answer by: Chris McClelland on Apr 25, 2022, 10:03 AM
I am a 63 year-old advanced but not expert (blacks, wide/open glades, no moguls) 5’6” tall (57”- 63” chin/eyebrows), 175 lbs (Male). Was skiing an old pair of 170 cm Blizzard (Thermo-Gel) and over the last couple of seasons been using my son’s “hand-me-up” Elan double tip Sling Shots (156). Thinking of Kendos (2022 version) as my next (hopefully not final) ski. Seems like the 163 or 170 option would probably be best for me? Which length do you think? Other suggestions?
Question by: John M on Apr 25, 2022, 11:50 AM
Hi John!

If you want maximum edge grip and stability then the 170 is going to be the ski to go for. However if you see yourself spending more time doing shorter more technical turns and less time railing high speed GS turns I would recommend the 163.

Have fun out there!
Answer by: Chris McClelland on Apr 25, 2022, 1:34 PM
Will the Tyrolia Attack2 14 GW Bindings accommodate K2 Mindbender boots? (Mondo 25.5, 290 cm)
Question by: John M on Jun 2, 2022, 5:50 PM
Hi John!

The Attack2 14 is a Grip Walk compatible binding so all K2 Mindbender boots will fit.

Answer by: Chris McClelland (Admin) on Jun 3, 2022, 10:27 AM

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