2022 Volkl Revolt Junior Skis w/ Marker VMotion Jr Bindings

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2021 Volkl Revolt Junior Skis w/ Marker Bindings

For emerging freestylers and freeriders, the Volkl Revolt Junior skis with bindings are a fantastic option. These things will help your little one improve quickly and easily, with light and maneuverable skis that will take them all over the mountain. Why just this morning, my kids really hit me up on the chairlift for some twin tips, and while it's a bit late for us at the end of February to be changing things up, it was nevertheless very nice to hear. We ski a lot of woods here in Vermont, and twin tips make a lot of sense. They also are starting to get into the park and other jumps, so it's definitely on the docket for next year, and these will be at the top of the list. Built with a full poplar wood core, these skis are responsive and precise while still remaining playful and flexible. It makes a lot of sense to have these smaller twin tips be made of wood, as it's going to be a lot of kids first venture into more real skis. They also have tip and tail rocker, in addition to the turned-up tail, so whether you're using them in a freestyle setting and riding switch, or just using the twin tip to maneuver easily through the woods and other tight spots, the Volkl Revolt junior skis with bindings make a whole lot of sense. Your little shredder will love the fun times provided by these sweet twins.


  • Sidecut: 106/74/99
  • Turn Radius: 12.9 meters at 138 cm Length
  • Marker 4.5 or 7.0 Bindings
  • Full Sensor Poplar Wood Core
  • Tip and Tail Rocker
  • Twin Tip Shape
  • Ability Level: Junior Skiers
2022 Volkl Revolt Junior Skis w/ Marker VMotion Jr Bindings
My son is 7 years old, been skiing since age 2 and he's getting pretty good! Skiing just about every run on the mountain now and I think its time for him to advance to some better skis. Right now he is on some 120cm hand-me-down's and the length seems to be no problem. He is 53" tall. I'm thinking about 130cm would be good a good length for him that would last a couple of years before he outgrows. Do you have a recommendation on a good ski? I want one that he can learn some carving on, as well as skiing on the steeps, trees, crud, and everything in between. Thank you!
Question by: Erik on Jan 16, 2022, 12:15 AM
HI Erik!
Here's my two top picks. The Mantra is a bit wider while the Nordica is a bit carvier.
Have fun!
Answer by: SkiEssentials Expert on Jan 17, 2022, 12:57 PM
What size ski boot will the 148 cm ski fit. Is there a certain range?
Question by: Ethan on Feb 28, 2022, 6:03 PM
HI Ethan!
That ski fits a range of boot sole lengths from 235-330 mm, so about a 19.5 to a 28.5. Pretty big range.
Answer by: SkiEssentials Expert on Mar 1, 2022, 2:30 PM

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