2023 Atomic Colt 10 Binding

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Atomic Colt 10 Bindings

Bindings are one of the most over looked and important pieces of your overall ski equipment. having the right kind of binding for the type of skiing you do can make all the difference between a great day on the hill and one that ends up with a trip to the hospital. The Atomic Colt 10 is an all-purpose binding that will provide all of the performance and precision you will ever need. It's a lightweight binding that equally at home in the park as it is all over the mountain. Features would include an Automatic Wing Adaptation, which lets your boot connect with the binding with ease no matter what kind of boot you are sporting. The toe adapts automatically to your alpine boots height and width and ensures constant release values, even on worn out boots. Low Profile Chassis keep your boots close to the skis as possible for more power transmission to the ski and better feel for the terrain. Elevated Brakes keep the brakes from dragging on the ground by keeping them tucked away in the heel piece. For all levels of skiing, it has a DIN setting that ranges from 3-10 so its forgiving and safe, while encouraging progression and confidence. Whether you are smaller or less aggressive skier, or big guy that skis aggressively and likes to charge, the Atomic Colt 10 binding is the one clamp that will deliver for you run after run.


  • Din Setting: 3-10
  • Low profile Chassis
  • Automatic Toe Height Adjustment
  • Automatic Toe Adaption
  • Locking Brakes
  • Elevated brakes
  • TUV Certified
2023 Atomic Colt 10 Binding
what bindings would you recommend for growing feet. I am 14 size 9 uk and price range up to 150 pounds
Question by: Angus Harrington on Feb 1, 2022, 7:15 AM
Hi Angus,

The Colt 10 is all you need in a binding with DIN range of 3-10. Plenty of room to grow if you are still developing.

Answer by: Dave Hatoff on Feb 2, 2022, 12:27 PM

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