2023 Marker Race 10 TCX Bindings

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Marker Race 10 TCX Bindings

The Marker Race 10 TCX bindings are a fantastic choice for junior racers who are looking for the ultimate in performance and safety. Bindings are a huge part of the ski world, as they're the only piece of equipment that touches both your skis and your boots. They are the steering wheels of the ski world, as they take input from your boots and transmit them to the skis. The stainless-steel AFD gliding plate is a solid platform that takes your energy and puts it to the edges. This solid contact between boot and binding reduces the friction of distance and increases performance. The less movement, the better, and Marker has certainly figured out how to lessen that distance and boost performance. With an 18 mm stand height, you get some good leverage off of the top of the ski, and this allows you to create some awesome angles as you rocket down the course. There are a lot of variables in the world of ski racing, and the bindings should not be one of them. By having a solid and stable platform to start from, you'll have more confidence than ever before. When you know that your ski will stay on even in the hardest of carves, it's a big advantage, and will ultimately lead to faster times and higher placings. For junior racers looking for a 3-10 DIN range binding, the Marker Race 10 TCX is a phenomenal choice.


  • DIN Range: 3-10
  • Weight: 2166 grams per pair
  • 18 mm Stand Height
  • Alpine Compatible
  • Twin-Cam Heel
  • Stee AFD Gliding Plate
  • Ability Level: Junior Racers
2023 Marker Race 10 TCX Bindings
Will these bindings fit on 2020 Dynastar GS team 151 skis?
Question by: Jason on Dec 4, 2021, 3:28 PM
Hi Jason,

For this ski we would recommend 2021 LOOK SPX ROCKER RACE SKI BINDINGS. Looks are made by Dynastar, would be an ideal fit on that race plate.


Answer by: Dave Hatoff on Dec 6, 2021, 10:23 AM

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