2023 Nordica Cruise 75 Women's Ski Boots

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Nordica Cruise 75 Womens Ski Boots

The Nordica Cruise 75 women's ski boots are as comfortable as they are stylish. These things are built and shaped to help lady skiers improve and progress without the fit issues that can be prevalent in narrower and tighter-fitting boots. The Cruise 75 is a fairly comfortable boot, with a 104-mm forefoot last, a high instep, and an Adjustable Cuff Profile. In the width section, giving your forefoot room to spread out does a couple of things. First, it allows for better dexterity. It might not seem like you're using your toes when you ski, but you do, and it makes a big difference when you can appropriately wiggle them. Second, you get more circulation in the toes, leading to a warmer overall experience. The higher instep does the same thing in terms of warmth, and although it might take a bit away from performance, what good is that when you can't feel your feet? This way, the Cruise 75 lets you at least be out there on the hill and enjoying your day. The 75-flex rating is on the intermediate side, but that doesn't mean it's soft. With four buckles and a power strap, you're able to adjust and fine-tune the tightness of the boot to add precision and power while keeping the forefoot and instep looser and more functional. Skiers who want to be comfy and have a great time will love the Nordica Cruise 75 women's ski boots.


  • Flex: 75
  • Width: 104 mm
  • Four Buckles
  • Power Strap
  • Adjustable Cuff Profile
  • Alpine Soles
  • Ability Level: Intermediate Skiers
2023 Nordica Cruise 75 Women's Ski Boots
Skier is female, age 16, weighs 185lbs, 5'2", been three times skiiing, loves it, has massive wide calves, so we need a boot that will fit an extra large calf. Will these work?
Question by: Bruce on Feb 27, 2022, 2:22 PM
Hi Bruce!
I think that'll work great. They have an adaptive/adjustable calf profile as well as an upper buckle that can easily be moved to the wider setting, so it helps fit wider lower-legs. Have fun!
Answer by: SkiEssentials Expert on Feb 28, 2022, 10:42 AM

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