Welcome to our 2023 Alpine Ski Test!  It’s hard to believe that we are in our 6th year producing the world’s most comprehensive and expansive compilation of ski testing and reviews.  We’ve hit a new high this year, with almost 400 skis from 20 vendors, spanning from race-like GS boards to the widest powder planks on the planet.  From men’s to women’s, touring to on-piste, there’s something for everyone out there, and we’re here to help you find it.   

One of our main sources of pride is the fact that these tests are honest and unbiased—objective in the truest sense of the word.  We filter and sort through mountains of data in order to create a clear picture and personality of a ski, in the hope of creating a connection with you through text, pictures, video, and statistics.  This method creates real-world value and personalized data, rather than just a smattering of scores that may not mean to you what they mean to someone else.   

Whether you’re searching by brand, category, or through a tester, we’re sure there’s a great ski for you in here. Once you get to a certain zone of width, style, or construction, the differences become less and less important, and for a lot of skiers, sizing, pricing, graphics, and availability become the next most-meaningful step.  From there, communication and interaction factor in to the equation—please feel free to reach out with questions and comments, and we’ll be sure to get back to you.  Grab your computer, phone, or tablet and get ready to explore countless hours of ski information and footage.  Each ski has a writeup, pictures, and a video to go along with it, so make sure you have some quality time set aside to really dive in and get ready for the 2023 ski season! 


2023 Men's Skis

There’s an enormous variety of men’s skis in this section. With all brands represented, we’ve got it all, from fat freeride skis to skinny on-piste carvers. If you’re looking for a dedicated touring ski, we’ve got that covered as well. From park and pipe to all-mountain versatility, there’s a men’s ski in here for you. Some trends that we’ve liked over the past year are the introduction of hybrid style skis that can function as backcountry-specific skis or resort-only boards. These lighter-weight versions of alpine skis are not only great for 50/50 applications, but also for skiers who have liked a certain shape or style of ski, and are looking for fewer grams. There’s a whole lot of product in this category, so filter accordingly!

2023 Women's Skis

This page is for the ladies! In fact, the skis that the ladies get to choose from are more of a majority than the men’s. For the most part, skis in both categories can be considered unisex, with most of the difference coming in the sizing and graphics. While some models contain lighter wood, less metal, or no metal compared to the men’s version, these skis, by and large, are very similar in construction and shaping. From front-side skinnies to fat freeride boards, we’ve got you covered here at SkiEssentials.com.