Welcome to our First Annual Snowboard Test! We’ve taken what we have learned over the years with our ski test and have applied it to the rider’s perspective. With a lot of fantastic and enthusiastic snowboarders both on staff and in our local community, we were able to tap into some serious talent and get awesome feedback on a variety of boards. From versatile all-mountain rides and big mountain powder sticks to smeary and jibby park decks, the range and array of snowboards is vast and wide.  

At SkiEssentials.com, we do our testing a little bit differently. Rather than giving a board a rank or score, we look to put more of a personal touch on the system. The hope is that you identify with a tester, either through style, size, or application, see what they like, and have that information help you in your board buying decision. We don’t believe that there’s a best or worst board out there, but rather the ride that’s best for you. 

With around 60 boards from 5 brands covered, there’s a whole lot of information to consume here. Each board gets a writeup with tester feedback, an original video, and close up pictures to help you filter through a massive amount of data in order to get the most complete view of your next ride. Grab your computer, phone, or tablet and get ready to explore the wide range of snowboard styles and types. We hope you enjoy! 


2023 Men's Snowboards

Here you’ll find all of the men’s snowboards. We cover all the bases here, with versatile all-mountain rides, wide and rockered powder sticks, and playful and poppy park decks. While most of these boards fall into the men’s category in terms of the catalog, there are a lot of unisex options here for a wide variety of riders. Whether you’re looking to throw down a sick line in the park or drop some of the biggest and fattest pillows on the planet, you’ll find your ride in here.

2023 Women's Snowboards

This section is for the ladies! From freeride boards that are able to conquer some of the steepest, deepest, and most technical lines on the planet to surfy noodles that want to dominate the park and pipe, there’s a ride in here for you. Snowboard companies are doing a great job these days at adjusting the construction and shaping of their boards to appeal to a range of riders, from the small and petite to the strong and aggressive. Ladies looking for the right ride will find what they need in these categories to be sure.