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At some point in his career, Henrik Harlaut took the jump from “really good park skier” to “one of the best ever and generally everyone’s favorite person.” No, we don’t think those are actual quotes, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who would disagree from a wholistic perspective. With some of the best style in the game, Henrik has been standing on top of contest podiums and putting out jaw-dropping movie segments for (holy crap!) the better part of two decades. There came a time when your average park ski just didn’t cut it for Henrik as he continued his journey of inventing new tricks, new grabs, and some of the wildest butters we’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Enter the Edollo. This ski is designed by Henrik himself and gives him the necessary performance to push the boundaries of freestyle skiing. While it’s a superb choice for park skiing, we’ve found that it’s also quite a lot of fun to ski as an all-mountain ski. That said, with the sea of choices on the market these days, we do expect most people choosing the Edollo to lean more towards the park side of the skiing spectrum.

As is often the case with twin tips and park skis, the construction of the Edollo isn’t earth-shattering. In fact, it’s quite simple, which is just fine by us. Poplar and ash make up the wood core of the ski, and Armada uses their classic AR75 sidewall design. You get vertical sidewalls and the strength that comes along with them underfoot and through most of the ski, while the tips and tails taper to cap construction, allowing for more maneuverability and also more durability. In fact, durability is a key feature for the Edollo. Not only do we get the thickest edge Armada uses on their skis, the 2.5 Impact Edge, we also get extra thick base material. That means the ski will hold up to more rail impacts than your average twin tip, something Mr. Harlaut knows all about as he endlessly laps his terrain park in Grandvalira. Another key aspect of the construction is how Aramda controls the flex of the ski. Overall, it’s a relatively soft ski, with the tail being slightly stiffer than the tip. This provides a lot of pop and energy and the ability to ollie onto high rails. We also like that the slightly stiffer tail is paired with less tail rocker than the tip has, as it gives the ski a nice strong finish when just making turns on trail.

164, 172, 180 cm20 m at 172 cm131/98/121 mm

Preferred Terrain
Poplar Ash
Laminate Matrix
AR75 Sidewall

Speaking of shape, it is, of course, a twin tip through and through. The two longer lengths boast a 98 mm waist width, while the shortest length drops to 95 underfoot. It’s been interesting and intriguing watching the park skiing community shift to wider skis over the past decade. More and more people are opting for these mid to high 90 underfoot skis. While it’s true you lose some edge to edge quickness, you gain a bit of stability, and if you ask this park skier, it also provides a little more confidence on any feature, whether a jump, rail, or anything else you decide needs to be skied. It’s curious that Armada and Henrik opt for just the AR Nose Rocker, leaving the tail a bit flatter until the actual twin tip, but we’re glad this is what they decided on. With many options for more symmetrical rocker profiles, it’s nice to have a ski like this that performs at a high level in the park, but keeps a bit more directional performance for when you’re just ripping around the mountain.

You don’t need to ski like Henrik to enjoy this thing. In fact, quite the contrary. Even starting with a more intermediate level park skier, a ton of people can enjoy the Edollo. Some higher level park skis are on the stiffer side and can be a bit demanding at times, but the Edollo is supple, smooth, and pretty darn easy to ski. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re like Henrik and you just, well, you just love skiing! Sure, you’ll ski some park, and you’ll probably work on some new tricks, but you’ll have just as much fun this season sliding the easiest box on the mountain, jibbing off side hits, skiing some powder, and just enjoying the mountain with your friends. Wu Tang is forthe children.