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Over the past three seasons, the Reliance series from Armada, and perhaps more so than any other ski in the line, this Reliance 92 Ti, has emerged as a true competitor going up against well-known, established skis from brands like Volkl, Blizzard, Atomic, and more. These high-performance directional skis aren’t what you’d typically expect from a brand like Armada, better known for their mark on the freestyle world and dominance in the twin tip market. What we’ve learned, however, is that a good ski can completely change our perception of what a brand is all about, and while Armada will likely always make great twin tips, these Reliance skis deserve serious consideration for advanced and expert skiers looking for a high performance all-mountain ski.

Armada starts with a Caruba wood core in the Reliance 92 Ti, which is a bit lighter than you’d typically see in a ski that uses metal laminates, but works really well. It helps keep the overall weight down, just 1700 g in the 172 cm length, and the use of Titanal laminates gives these skis the necessary power and stability to satisfy aggressive skiers. That use of metal is perhaps the most interesting aspect of this ski’s construction. Armada calls it Articulated Titanal Banding and the idea is to reduce torsional stiffness in the tip and forebody of the ski to allow for smoother and easier turn initiation. It’s a super cool concept and one that you can absolutely feel on snow, rather than just some kind of gimicky marketing term. This technology gives the Reliance 92 Ti a particularly smooth, supple feel. Turn initiation feels easy and intuitive, yet the ski feels strong and stable underfoot. It has all, or at least most, of the benefits and attributes of a high performance all mountain ski, but a touch of approachability and forgiveness that should only make the skiing experience more enjoyable, regardless of ability level.

156, 164, 172, 180 cm16.5 m at 164 cm130/92/116 mm

Preferred Terrain
Articulated Titanal Banding
AR100 Sidewall

Shape is nicely matched to the construction. In the shovel, where that Articulated Titanal Banding is removing some torsional stiffness, we also get a decent amount of tip rocker. That works hand in hand with this innovative construction, further enabling smooth turn initiation and boosting the ski’s overall versatility. In fact, for such a strong carving ski, the Reliance 92 Ti handles softer snow conditions and off-piste terrain impressively well. The shape is also providing a nice amount of forgiveness. Similar to construction, it’s designed to allow the skier full control. You’re not going to Feel locked into a turn when you don’t want to be, which is a confidence-inspiring trait for a ski like this.

Overall, the Reliance 92 Ti is one of the most well-rounded and versatile all-mountain skis you can find. It has an excellent mix of performance characteristics and through years of testing, has proven to satisfy a wide range of skiers. Those with precision skiing styles and race backgrounds appreciate its grip and stability at speed. Those with freeride backgrounds appreciate its quickness and agility off trail. It’s an impressive accomplishment from a brand that’s known more for their twin tips, as the Reliance 92 Ti can stack up against some heavy-hitter, highly-popular skis in this category. It has been interesting watching how the market has adopted these new skis. It’s taken some time, but we’re starting to see more and more Reliance skis on the hill, and it’s not a mystery why. The more people that try these skis, the more people who realize how good they are.