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There’s always room in the ski industry for more float, more flex, more fun, and more potential, and those are the aspects that best define the 2024 Atomic Bent 110. This ski burst on to the scene last year as a bridge between the Bent 100 and the signature Bent Chetler 120 ski from Atomic. It featured a blend of attributes from the two skis, offering up a floaty freestyle option for creative skiers. It’s easy to look back and see that it was a resounding success, and that will continue into this upcoming year, while also featuring new artwork from the ski’s namesake, Chris Bentchetler. Best suited for advanced skiers who are looking for a wider ski in their quiver, the Bent 110 is a smooth operator with a surprising amount of energy and pop. 

It all starts with a light weight wood core, and that’s about it. There’s not a whole lot of sophistication or technological advancements when it comes to the Bent 110. Poplar has a great mix of energy and stability, while still operating on the light side of the spectrum, so it makes good sense that it fits in here. Atomic uses a number of aspects of profiling and sidewall variances that make the overall feel of the ski pretty unique. By having more sidewall underfoot with a cap in the tips and tails, they make the ski lighter in the swing weight and sturdier in the middle. This creates a playful feel that aligns with the freeride aspect of the ski. By keeping it very thin in the tips and tails, the ski is incredibly floaty and somewhat on the flexible side. In the 188, the ski tips the scales at 1865 grams—heavy enough to deliver a strong feel underfoot while keeping the ski maneuverable and slashy, especially at the ends. This is a pretty light weight especially given the overall mass and volume of the ski.

164, 172, 180, 188 cm18 m at 180 cm133/110/124 mm

Preferred Terrain
Natural Features
Pillow Drops
Light Woodcore
Dura Cap Sidewall
HRZN Tips and Tails

When it comes to shaping, the Bent 110 is a far-cry from any other ski in this zone. By using their HRZN Tech in the tips and tails, they’re able to gain more flotation without increasing the surface area. This boat hull shape at the ends floats smoothly and effortlessly through the fresh, making it easy and fun to wiggle down the fall line. In the 188, the 110 mm waist is bookended by 134 mm tips and 125 mm tails to generate a 19-meter turn radius. When you factor in the dramatic amount of rocker and taper to the mix, the ski is very turny and loves to be used in a sideways format. When riding more direct down the fall line, the flexible nature of the ski makes it a bit on the bouncy side of the spectrum, so it’s more fun to use these skis in some form of turn. With only 50% camber underfoot, the ski does use 25% rocker in both tips and tails, making the ski feel considerably less directional than some others out there.

For softer snow and playful skiing, it doesn’t get a whole lot better than the 2024 Atomic Bent 110. This ski can stand up to very deep snow and incredibly creative skiing. There’s plenty of splay in the tail to allow for switch takeoffs and landings in the backcountry while the camber underfoot provides energy in and out of the turns. Overall, this ski is a great option for advanced and expert skiers who are going to be spending most of their time either in, or in search of, deep and fresh lines.