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Evolving from the Vantage and legendary Bent Series, the Maven Series provides a more stable and well-rounded all-mountain ski for women looking for adventure. When it comes to versatility, the Maven is consistently a part of the conversation as it encompasses many of the desired traits of an all-mountain ski. One that has stability at speed and is a formidable carver, but also a soft-snow machine that loves to fly through the trees or in the wide-open steeps. In turn, making the Maven both extremely attractive and approachable for skiers of all ability levels who want a ski that can turn on a dime, make a variety of turn shapes, and slash through fresh snow. This ski just oozes fun! Lady skiers who have enlisted the Maven will not have to think twice when traveling through the mountains as they will have a confident and capable ski under their feet.

Sharing a similar DuraCap Sidewall construction to the closely related Maverick Series, the Maven 93 C will have Atomic’s lightweight OMatic Core, Carbon Backbone, and HRZN Tech tips. The OMatic Core is comprised of a poplar wood core with 2 fiberglass laminates. This combination of materials lends for an extremely energetic but damp feel that is well-suited for both on and off trail performance. Reinforcing the OMatic core, a Carbon Backbone acts to provide stability and energy to the ski while keeping the swing weight to a minimum. Coming in at a whopping 1630 grams at the 172cm length, the Maven is extremely light for how steady and responsive it is. Atomic’s use of these materials allows for the ski to be nimble, energetic, and stable while in all types of terrain and snow conditions. HRZN Tech will be found in the tips of the Maven, which act as boat hulls for soft snow maneuverability and quickness.

156, 164, 172 cm16.5 m at 164 cm126/93.5/110 mm

Preferred Terrain
Light Woodcore
Carbon Backbone

Diving into the Maven’s shape at the 164cm length, we see some indicating dimensions that coincide with its all-mountain capabilities. Starting with its rocker profile, the Maven will have 20% tip rocker, 70% camber, and 10% tail rocker. By having 20% tip rocker assists with soft snow performance as floatation increase and the chances of the skis nose diving decreases. 70% camber makes for a longer, more pronounced effective edge that increases edge grip on firm snow. 10% tail rocker helps with the exit of turns and turn disengagement. 20% tip and 10% tail rocker contribute to the Maven’s playfulness as the skis can smear through the snow. As for sidecut, the forebody will have a width of 126mm, waist width of 93.5mm, and a tail width of 110mm at the 164cm length. Generating a turn radius of 16.5 meters, which is somewhat short in general but one that makes sense for ski in this category. 

Lady shredders are going to love the 2024 Atomic Maven 93 C for its agile but stable nature and overall impressive versatility. It is a ski that could easily function as a daily driver or one-ski-quiver that will feel right at home no matter what mountain it is being skied on. Light enough to be a touring ski but burly enough to be an everyday lift access charger, the Maven 93 C is made for a wide variety of women of all ability levels who are looking for a Jack of all trades.