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The Atomic Maverick 100 Ti is back again for another stunning round of snow-filled fun for the 2024 season. The Maverick series has been making a name for itself in the all-mountain category as high-performance Jacks of All Trades that can conquer all snow conditions and terrain thrown their way. As it is the widest Maverick in the series, the 100 Ti is going to be the most soft-snow oriented of the bunch while still maintaining on-trail carving performance. Keep in mind however, it will certainly take slightly longer to go edge from edge with its 100mm waist width making the narrower models being more on-piste oriented. Going into 2024 the Maverick 100 Tire turns unchanged in terms of construction, but will get a beautifully updated top-sheet graphic that will receive a lot ofOoo’s and Ahh’s while in the lift line.

As previously proven, this ski a is truly remarkable concoction of maneuverability, precision, strength, and stability. Starting with Atomic’s Omatic Core (Yes, quite a neat anagram), which is composed of a Light Woodcore and relatively thin metal laminate. This Omatic Core is what sets the Maverick apart from a lot of other skis in this category, as Atomic has struck an impressive balance between strength and weight. The metal laminate provides torsional stiffness for edge grip on firm snow and dampening properties to keep vibrations to a minimum. Unlike its Bent 100 relative, the Maverick gets Atomic’s HRZN Tech in its tips but not in its tails, lending for a more directional characterization. Even with this incorporation of metal into its construction the Maverick 100 Ti manages to weigh 1800 grams per pair at the 180cm length. Skis with this type of construction tend to be much closer to that 2000 gram mark and higher, so it is always refreshing to see a ski below that. This lends for a ski that will provide consistent stability and performance, while not cooking your legs after a long day of adventuring. 

172, 180, 188 cm19.2 m at 180 cm129.5/100/120 mm

Preferred Terrain
Crud and Chop
Light Woodcore
Ti Powered

The Maverick 100 Ti’s directional character certainly shines through its shape. This is especially evident with its fair amount of tip rocker and less pronounced tail rocker. However, there is enough tail rocker to allow for easy turn release and smear is advantageous during off-piste applications. The tip and tail rocker profiles strike a great balance between a long effective edge for carving but short enough to allow for playfulness. As for sidecut, at the 180cmlength there is a maximum forebody width of 129.5mm, underfoot waist width of 100mm, and maximum tail width of 120mm which culminates into a 19.2 meter turn radius. Now, this may seem like a fairly long turn radius, but rest assured there are various turn shapes to be had on the Maverick 100.This ski’s turn shape is heavily determined by the energy put into the forebody and can generate tight slalom-like turns as well as super-g turns at terminal velocity.

If you are someone looking for a highly versatile ski in the~100mm waist width category, the 2024 Atomic Maverick 100 Ti should surely be on your list. It's light, precise, stable, and will take you anywhere that you want to go with no apprehension. From digging trenches on your favorite groomer, to slashing through powder, the Maverick puts a smile on your face no matter where on the mountain you are. As the directional cousin to the legendary Bent 100 series, the Maverick 100 Ti is one to either round out your quiver or be it’s own one-ski-quiver.