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Returning for 2024 unchanged, the Black Crows Camox Birdie is a surfy, directional twin-tip, all-mountain ski that likes all snow conditions and terrain. This playful ski is great for women who want a forgiving ski that does not sacrifice carving performance for maneuverability. Its freestyle inspired shape lends for experimentation and progression on trail, off trail, and in the park. The Camox Birdie has a relatively simple construction that produces a predictable flex pattern and a high degree of approachability for skiers trying to improve their technique or to have fun all over the mountain. When put on edge, the Camox Birdie grips and rips enhancing its overall versatility and performance.

The 2024 Black Crows Camox Birdie has a somewhat simple construction that results in a predictable and intuitive flex pattern. A poplar wood core is sandwiched between fiberglass laminates to produce a progressive, semi-soft flex pattern. Poplar is an energetic and responsive material which is a perfect match for a ski that is meant to be energetic and playful. Fiberglass laminates contribute torsional rigidity and stiffness as well as vibration dampening properties. The poplar and fiberglass complement each other to produce a lively ski that is stable but flirtatious in terms of wanting to put itself out there and try new things. In the 168.1cm, the Camox Birdie comes in at 3450 grams which is in the sweet spot for a playful all-mountain ski. Not too light, not too heavy.

156.1, 162.3, 168.1, 174.2 cm18 m at 162.3 cm127/97/115 mm

Preferred Terrain
Semi-Cap Step Down

The Camox Birdie is no doubt freestyle inspired with a directional attitude. This is especially evident in its rocker/camber/rocker profile which greatly assists with maneuverability, pivot, as well as turn initiation and release. More specifically, there is 10% tip rocker, 80% camber, and 10% tail rocker. There is certainly a good amount of floatation produced in the tips but the power comes from the camber underfoot. Pronounced camber underfoot loads the ski with energy which is released at the exit of turns or when taking off from jumps. Because of this, going from edge to edge is super quick and smooth, making on-trail performance an absolute joy. The sidecut of the Camox Birdie is well within the norm for all-mountain skis with a forebody width of 128mm, a waist width of 97mm, and a tail width of 116mm which generates a turn radius of 19 meters at the 168.1cm length. 19 meters for a turn radius is on the long side for this length but it makes sense given where Black Crows is based out of. The Chamonix piste is very wide with a consistent grade, so longer turn radius’ are much more attainable and sustainable in comparison to other locations.

For creative lady skiers looking for a fun-having, provocative, and intuitive all-mountain twin tip, the 2024 Black Crows Camox Birdie is hard to overlook. A progressive flex pattern and long effective edge provide incredible maneuverability and grip at high speeds. Although forgiving, the Camox Birdie is easy to progress one’s ability beyond what they thought was possible. Freestyle DNA combined with directional shapes and influence make way for one heck of a versatile ski that can be used in various terrains and conditions. Best suited for the advanced to expert skiers, this all-mountain twin-tip is always searching for the next adventure.