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The 2024 Black Crows Justis is an all-mountain ski that is designed for a variety of turn shapes and terrain. Wide enough to float over variable snow yet strong enough to plow through without getting deflected, this ski is a charger that demands respect. The Justis is a resort ski that is meant to do it all but will certainly be geared towards on-piste carving performance. With metal incorporated into its construction, it is quite obvious that edge grip and torsional stiffness was a priority throughout the design process. The Justis would function extremely well as a powerful daily driver or one-ski-quiver due to its versatile shape and burly construction. However, they are a lot of ski and its important to have good technique and proper strength to extract performance out of it. So if you are a physically strong advanced to expert skier who is looking for an all-mountain charger that is geared mostly to laying down trenches, look no further than the 2024 Black Crows Justis.

The directional, on-piste focus of the Justis certainly comes through in its construction. Construction begins with a poplar wood core that is reinforced with fiberglass laminates and two H shaped titanal laminates. Poplar provides excellent energy and responsiveness to the skiwhile fiberglass laminates provide dampening properties and torsional stiffness. Two H shaped metal laminates are then incorporated to provide edge grip and vibration dampening. The prongs of the H shaped titanal laminates go from the binding area to the where the tip and tail rocker begins. This gives the ski some forgiveness while still remaining stable on edge. Due to its weight (4300 grams for the 183.3cm length), physical skiers will certainly enjoy this beefy build as it provides a great platform to lean into while less technical or less physical skiers may find the Justis to be a challenge.

171.3, 177.4, 183.1, 189.3 cm21 m at 183.1 cm138/100/123 mm

Preferred Terrain
Dual H-Shaped Titanal Plates

The Justis’ all-mountain intention certainly comes through in its shape. 20% tip rocker, 70% camber, and 10% tail rocker makes this ski one that can take you all over the mountain in any conditions. Generous tip and tail rocker allow the Justis to pivot, smear, and slash at a moment's notice while camber underfoot grips onto the snow to rail turns and race your friends to the lift. Many other skis in this genre do not have as much tail rocker and splay, which can make turn release a little less effortless. But with the tail rocker of the Justis, turn release is smooth and intuitive. In terms of sidecut for the 183.1cm length, the Justis has a maximum forebody width of 138mm, waist width of 100mm, and a tail width of 123mm. The wide tip makes for some great floatation through fresh snow and the 100mm waist makes for an extremely versatile shape that accommodates all missions and conditions. Tip to tail taper contributes to smooth turn initiation and edge to edge tranfer for energy.

For those that are seeking an extremely powerful all-mountain resort ski, look no further than the 2024 Black Crows Justis. A great balance between on-trail carving performance with a freeride flair, these skis would make for an incredible daily driver or one-ski-quiver. However, these beasts are not for the faint of heart. Physically strong advanced to expert skiers will be able to access the Justis’ potential while less technical or physical skier’s may struggle with its weight and flex pattern. If you are looking for stability, responsiveness, energy, and dampness, the Black Crows Justis should most definitely be on your radar.